You Can Recover Lost Bitcoin: Here’s How To Get Your BTC Back!

You Can Recover Lost Bitcoin: Here's How To Get Your BTC Back!

Yes, you can now recover lost bitcoin. A highly skilled programmer and Redditor u/Coding_Enthusiast created a simple little tool that allows traders to get back their lost BTC. However, this tool only works for cases where a crypto hard wallet has become corrupted or damaged.

The recover lost bitcoin program, dubbed “FinderOuter,” is not the first of its kind. However, it is the simpliest of all. It uses a process called “partial key data” to recover the complete bitcoin key.

Recover lost bitcoin keys, password or phrases open-source (free) software

Downloadable from Github, FinderOuter is open-source. Therefore, it is 100% free to download and use to recover lost bitcoin.

Although the program currently has limited features, the author says he is working on more recovery or storage features. One such feature, according to author, is the ability for a holder to use only partial information.

For example, a user can retrieve lost bitcoin key, password and seed phrases by entering whatever the owner remembers.

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An influx of users with lost bitcoin keys, passwords and phrases expected to flock to Github to download the tool. An unexpectedly large amount of users have reported lost bitcoin key and other valuable access info. 25% of BTC accounts or wallets have been reported inaccessible.

Other ways to retrieve lost or missing BTC & cryptocurrency

Recovering crypto private keys without knowing some information is almost impossible. Systems crashes, broken & failed hardware are the main culprit for lost cryptocurrencies.

However, all hope is not lost. Many tools are now available to recovering & restoring computer sysstems. Some of these recovery tools have been around for ages, while others such as FinderOuter has just recently released.

Have you used or aware of any tools to recover lost bitcoin & cryptocurrency? If so, please share with our users on the comment section below. 

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