Who Transferred Possible ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ BTC From 2009 Bitcoin Wallet?

Who Transferred Possible 'Satoshi' BTC From 2009 Bitcoin Wallet?

Rumors are circulating that Satoshi Nakamoto is on the move again. On May 20, 50 Bitcoins were moved from an old wallet created 11 years ago; around the same time when Bitcoin made its public debut.

Mined in February 2009, the transferred Bitcoins have turned the crypto community into investigative frenzy.

Who moved the coins? Was it Dr. Craig Wright? If so, will it prove he’s indeed the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Wright has claimed for years he’s the inventor of Bitcoin, therefore, has laid claim to the stash.

Who moved the possible ‘Satoshi’ BTC From 2009 Bitcoin Wallet?

Could famed computer scientist, Hal Finney responsible? He died in Scottsdale, Arizona in August 28, 2014. Finney reportedly passed away from a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Finney, survived by two children and wife, Fran Finney, definitely not a culprit. But, People began to point to his wife, Fran as a possible. However, she quickly denied it by releasing a statement to Cointelegraph:

“Very odd, these were not coins my husband mined and we had nothing to do with this.”

Fan is currently working with ALS Association to help find a cure for the deadly and dreaded illness. Finney is one of the pioneers behind the first cryptocurrency. He help coded Bitcoin and its network. Finney also started mining Bitcoin early on.

The scientist also assisted with the development of PGP encryption framework. Early reports stated that Bitcoin’s alleged inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto transferred the first minted BTC coin to Finney in 2009, shortly after the Bitcoin network went live.

Many in the crypto community have crowned Hal Finney the true Satoshi Nakamoto.

Last unusual suspect?

What about Martti Malmi? Known as a Bitcoin early developers, Malmi is also on the spotlight. But, he swiftly rejected the notion he’s behind the transfer with a tweet.

“I found Bitcoin around April [2009]”, he tweeted on May 20th. Malmi become involved in Bitcoin two months after the suspected wallet was created.

Did Marshall Hayner do it? Better known as the co-founder and current CEO of Metal Pay, Hayner too denied he’s the owner of that 2009 Bitcoin Wallet.

Even as a Bitcoin‘s early investor and adopter, Hayner’s involvement into the space did not occur until November 2009. He released a statement stating that:

“The real miner will most likely never admit it. They have a large wealth of coins and they don’t want to be targeted. I can confirm I was mining in 2009, but I won’t ever publicly disclose my crypto holdings.”

Hayner sarcastically said:

“If it were me I wouldn’t say. They don’t want the negative attention and potential criminals targeting them. They would rather be known for their contributions to blockchain, or not known at all.”

John McAfee knows the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

A recent sit down with John McAfee; the security software inventor and cryptocurrency enthusiast, insisted he’s 99% sure who Satoshi Nakamoto is. However, he refused to reveal Satoshi’s identity.

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