Where did the Crazy 5G Network Conspiracy Theory Come From?

Where did the Crazy 5G Network Conspiracy Theory Come From?

Over the last few months, there has been widespread conspiracy theory linking Covid-19 to the 5G network. While most people could be immune to such crazy conspiracy theories, there is a significant number of people who believe that 5G is the cause of coronavirus.

Or at least it escalates the deadliness of the virus. As the virus spread across the world, fears emerged that the 5G network could be emitting some dangerous rays that led to the weakening of human immune systems.

It led to vandalism and arson on mobile infrastructures carrying 5G networks across Europe. Particularly the UK, where more than 10 incidents of arson and vandalism on mobile masts occurred. Many have been wondering where the bizarre conspiracy theory came from. Questions started to arose as countries and telecommunication companies run into losses from such destruction.

Mobile tech and Coronavirus (COVID-19) conspiracy theory

The brief history of conspiracy theory on mobile technology
Before Coronavirus pandemic emerged from Wuhan, China.  Towards the end of 2019, there have been massive claims that the 5G network was a health disaster-in-waiting. It all started in the 1990S when critics of mobile phones alleged that 2G networks could cause cancer.

The conspiracy theory about 2G networks and cancer vanished as no scientific proof emerged to justify the claims. However, the emergence of Five G networks would rekindle similar fears about 2G networks almost 3 decades ago.

5G networks and health claims would gain traction when Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China. At the same time the former was being installed across the world.

The origin of coronavirus and 5G tech claims

Tracing the source of the conspiracy theory is difficult. However, some prominent posts on social media from prominent personalities and celebrities that can be said to have escalated the conspiracy theory linking Covid-19 to 5G networks.

The number of skeptics on Five G technology is more than just ordinary people. As renowned environmental activists, politicians, celebrities, and even some scientists joining the bandwagon of critics of the latest telecommunication technology.

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The first claims linking 5G rollout and coronavirus started on a Facebook post which claimed Wuhan, China, where the virus was first reported is where 5G network rollout began. According to the post, it was claimed 5G damaged human immune systems, hence boosted the virulence of the common cold.

Any scientific evidence linking COVID-19 to 5G technology?

But this claim isn’t founded as there is no scientific evidence linking the new coronavirus to the rays emitted by Five G equipment. Moreover, the 5G trials did not only start in Wuhan but in several other Chinese cities, including Beijing. Facebook subsequently marked the post as misinformation. Some celebrities would also advance the theory through social media posts.

For example, in March this year (2020), an American RnB singer Keri Hilson tweeted to her more than 4 million followers on twitter. “5G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead.” The theory often runs to pass the message that the rollout of the 5G network is either causing or accelerating the spread of the coronavirus.

When the bizarre conspiracy theory started, no one saw the significant impact it would have on the Five G network technology in the coming months as coronavirus continues to spread across the world. The coincidence that the wildly disorienting pandemic came at the same time the global rollout of 5G was taking off across the world did not help much.

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