When Is The Next Verge Hardfork? Can The Privacy Coin Price Moon to Its all Time High of 2000 Statoshis?

When Is The Next Verge Hardfork? Will XVG Price Moon Before & After?

When is the next Verge hardfork? Verge’s (XVG) price consolidated after experiencing a sharp increase on November 14. The privacy coin traded at a month high of 65 satoshis to a 24-hour low 47 SATS.

After a Verge hardfork was announced last week, the privacy coin active traders, extremely loyal community, and enthusiasts expect it to moon as high as 100 satoshis leading to the event.

Verge (XVG) Versus Bitcoin (BTC)

When is the Verge hard fork taking place?

The Verge (XVG) hard fork will take place when the protocol reaches block 3,700,000. This is expected mid-December. A 100 SATS verge will surely be very profitable to miners and traders.

Verge’s (XVG) prices through out the years

Verge (XRP) experienced one of highest profit margin during the 2017 cryptocurrency market bull run. Like all other crypto coins, XRP took a major hit after going from a whooping 53 satoshis to 2000 SATS in just a few weeks.

Privacy Coin Verge (XVG) Price Against Bitcoin (BTC)

XVG’s price increased 37x during that period. The privacy coin has since lost 97 percent of its value. Miners and traders alike are hoping the next Verge hardfork will take it back to its all time high. However, only time will tell.

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Have you or do you plan on buying Verge (XVG) before the hard fork takes place in December 2019? Please tell us using the comment section below. 

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