What Are Cryptocurrency Airdrops, Bounties, Recommended Website to Get Free Tokens

What Are Cryptocurrency Airdrops and Websites to Get Free Tokens

Cryptocurrency Airdrops – The price of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed over the years. Those who were lucky enough to get in early are now reaping the benefits of the new asset class. For instance, a single bitcoin price surged from $13.50 to over $20,000 in 2017.

According to Bloomsberg, bitcoin is the most lucrative investment of all time. More profitable than precious metals, stocks, Amazon, Uber, and Telsa combine.

Cannot afford to buy cryptocurrency with fiat?

If you’re one of those telling yourself you’ve missed out on the crypto gold rush or experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out), don’t panic.

There are multiple ways to accumulate free bitcoin & crypto without spending a penny out of pocket. Crypto airdrops, however is the surest, fastest and can be very profitable.

In fact, there are reports claiming people in developing countries are making a living entirely from collecting free tokens from airdrops.

What are cryptocurrency airdrops?

Blockchain and crypto projects use cryptocurrency airdrops as tools to spread the words about their projects. The campaign involves sending FREE crypto coins or tokens to users accounts. Often ERC-20 based wallets, those coins are sent in exchange for helping the company spreads the words.

For example, a project airdropping 1 million tokens may require a user to perform certain tasks to earn a share of those tokens. Share on Facebook (20 tokens), like on Twitter (50 tokens), create an account on website (200 tokens).

Those tokens are often the companies native tokens that can substantially grow in value due to several use cases. In most cases, the user can sell the tokens, use them to vote or buy products from the platform or get discounted fees when buying and selling other crypto.

Where can crypto enthusiasts get free airdrop tokens?

Cryptocurrency Airdrops Rating Websites

The most popular website to get free crypto airdrop tokens right now is AirdropRating. Launched in 2017, airdrop rating evaluates, reviews and list only the best crypto airdrops and bounties from premium projects around the globe.

AirdropRating feed is updated on a daily basis with fresh initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs), initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and other blockchain-based projects.

Have you used AirdropRating? If so, please add your review on the comment section below. 

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