Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Supporting Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork! When is the Event and What Does It Mean for Traders?

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Supporting Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork

On December 7, the top cryptocurrency exchanges have announced they are supporting the Ethereum Istanbul Hard Fork. When is the even taking place and what does it mean for ETH traders and holders?

A number of big cryptocurrency exchanges informed the media and customers they will support the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork following the announcement the network upgrade was successfully complete.

The miners and node operators who performed the Ethereum Istanbul hard form reported extreme collaboration between them during the Ethereum network upgrade.

Several exchanges voiced support days before the upgrade took place. Others announced supports following the successful completion of the Istanbul hard fork.

Binance was one of the first crypto exchanges to announce support for the Ethereum network upgrade on December 5th.

Coinbase followed with a tweet announcing the return of ERC20 and ETH deposits & withdrawals. Those activities were temporarily shut down to upgrade the trading platform’s nodes to support the Istanbul hard fork.

The cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken also upgraded their ERC20 nodes to support the hardfork. Poloniex exchange made an official support announcement via Twitter.

The cryptocurrency trading platform, Bitfinex; the same exchange that released the stablecoin, Tether made their announcement on December 6th.

It appears the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork was universally adopted by the crypto community. At the time of this reporting, no major issues or events have been reported.

The new hardfork also address the “Ethereum Ice Age” with the Muir Glacier hard fork.

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