Self-proclaimed Bitcoin Creator, Craig Wright Last Year Predicted BTC & Litecoin (LTC) Death in November 2019! What Happened?

Craig Wright, Self-proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Nov Death Prediction Expired

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin Creator will do anything to get media coverage. He has made a number of controversial claims and statements, but his prediction last year that BTC and Litecoin (LTC) will be dead by November of this year (2019) was the most blizzard of all.

Bitcoin will be dead by November 2019, according to Craig Wright

Today is November 15 and Bitcoin price is still going strong. According to the fake Satoshi Nakamoto, both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) are supposed to meet their death this month; a claim he made via Twitter this time last year.

Write claim to hold information, when released will be a death sentence to both cryptocurrency coins.

Was Craig Wright’s Bitcoin & Litecoin November 2019 death prediction a prophecy or a threat?

We know Mr. Wright holds a large stash of Bitcoins and possibly Litecoins. Is Graig Wright’s Bitcoin stash enough to “kill” the first cryptocurrency coin? Can he single-handedly destroy Bitcoin by dumping everything he has?

With the high demand for Bitcoin and the limited of BTC in circulation, it’s going to be almost impossible to accomplish. Graig’s prediction date will arrive in less than 24 hours, and BTC price is going strong; trading at $8,700 at the time of this writing.

Even if Craig Wright were to dump a large amount of Bitcoin into the market, the demand for BTC is strong enough for it not to have a big or long term impact.

Where is Craig Wright?

Wright has gone MIA from Twitter after getting into altercations and threatened with a number of cryptocurrency influencers with lawsuit. he went at it with Peter McCormack and Hodlonaut. Shortly after, he deleted all his tweets and disappeared.

Graig Wright, the fake Satoshi Nakamoto

It’s been almost a year since Graig Wright appeared from out of no where and claimed he created Bitcoin. Since then, he’s been accusing everyone of profiting off of his invention without permission or restitution.

Wright filed a lawsuit against the estate of diseased Bitcoin whale, Dave Kleiman. The case was thrown out because Wright failed to produce the private keys in order to prove he’s really Satoshi Nakamoto.

The courts has also ordered Wright to transfer to Kleiman’s estate his share of the Bitcoin they mined together before his death. The court order has not been fulfilled at the time of this writing. Wright has since pledged his allegiance to Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

What are your thoughts on Craig Wright’s claim he’s bitcoin creator? Share on the comment section below.

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