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The cryptocurrency world is a playground for scammers. They will try to steal your crypto private keys and every funds you may have. You MUST take certain crypto safety tips in order to avoid those scammed or hackers going after your coins and funds. We highly recommend you follow the simple safety measures listed below in order to stay safe and not be a victim. Click here to see a full list of cryptocurrency safety tips.

Crypto Safety Tips

Tip #1.Use a cryptocurrency hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S OR Trezor One to store your coins offline!

Tip #2. Never verbally give, email, text or use any other medium to give to anyone your crypto private key(s)

Tip #3. Make sure your passwords are super strong and unique

Tip #4. Airdrops are 100% FREE. If anyone asks you to send BTC or ETH or any other crypto, it’s a scam…stay away!

Tip #5. Whenever the option to activate 2-factor-authentication (2-FA), use it.

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