Popular Crypto Hardware Wallet Developer, Ledger Hacked! Over 1M Emails, Names, Mailing Addresses Stolen

Popular Crypto Hardware Wallet Developer, Ledger Hacked! Data Stolen

Ledger Hacked News Update! Hugely popular hardware crypto wallet, Ledger confirmed the firm suffered a major hack on July 14, 2020. The announcement comes more than two weeks after hackers made away with more than 1 million email addresses. They belong to customers who have purchased the company’s hard wallet online.

The crypto hardware firm carries two lines of wallets that are extremely popular with crypto owners. Particularly with those seeking to prevent hackers from gaining access to their cryptoassets from exchanges. Ledger Nano S, the first crypto hard wallet created by the firm in 2014 was the first of its kind to enter the market.

Ledger, the company, followed recently with Ledger Nano X, an updated version of the Nano S. Until recently, Ledger has no known hacks. According to released documents, the hackers stole users’ email addresses, full names, physical mailing addresses, but no passwords and credit information were compromised.

However, customers most likely to demand more from Ledger. The notion that the hackers stole everything but more sensitive info such as passwords, credit card details, and cryptocurrency funds is not going to sit well with them.

A company spokesman has assured CoinDesk that users’ data are now completely safe because the security hole was patched immediately following the data breach. Furthermore, the firm is cooperating with French authorities to identify and hold the thieves responsible for the hack accountable.

Ledger hacked! Are you currently holding cryptos in Ledger hard wallets or a victim of the data breach? If so, are you concerned? 

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