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Alibaba Rewards Bitcoin on Chinese ‘Singles Day’ Via Lolli App

Alibaba Rewarding Bitcoin to United States’ Shoppers on Chinese ‘Singles Day’ Shopping Holiday Via Lolli App

The e-commerce giant, Alibaba teamed up with shopping app Lolli to offer bitcoin rewards to shoppers on Chinese “Singles Day” shopping holiday.  Alibaba & Lolli’s Bitcoin rewards partnership Alibaba is…

XRP Price Prediction & Analysis - Short, Long-Term Before Ripple Swell

XRP Price Short, Long Term Price Prediction & Analysis: A MUST Buy with Ripple’s Swell Conference Approaching

XRP price prediction & analysis – I have been bullish on Ripple’s XRP since it was conceived in January 2013. While the majority of cryptocurrency coins, including Bitcoin, are competing…

Ethereum Staking - Proof-of-Stake (POS) a Crypto Game Changer

Ethereum Entering The Crypto Staking Market Is a Potential Industry Game Changer

Is Ethereum staking a game changer? The Ethereum organization made a major announcement last week that shocked the crypto world. Ether’s network is migrating from Proof-of-Work (POW) to Proof-of-Stake (POS)….

Earn 10% Rewards Annually for Staking ETH with Ethereum 2.0 Validator

Want to Earn 10% Rewards Annually for Staking ETH? Become an Ethereum 2.0 Validator with Just 32 Ether

As an Ethereum 2.0 validator, you can earn up to 10.3% rewards annually for staking your ETH stash, says a senior executive at ConsenSys. Collin Myers, ConsenSys’ global product strategy…

Cryptocurrency ATMs Under Scrutiny By Internal Revenue Serices (IRS)

Cryptocurrency ATMs Under Scrutiny By Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Raise Money Laundering, Tax Invasion Concerns

The Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is expanding its scrutiny of crypto projects. They’re using the same pretenses to go after another branch of the crypto industry that has been growing…

Did The Chinese Government Created Bitcoin to Kill the US Dollar?

Did The Chinese Government Created Bitcoin to Kill the United States Dollar (USD)?

Did the Chinese government created Bitcoin to destroy the U.S. dollar? There have been many conspiracy theories on who created Bitcoin since the first cryptocurrency coin’s creation. The search to…

Justin Sun, TRON CEO Teases New Company Acquisitions

Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO Teases New Company Acquisition, What In The Bag, Justin?

Justin Sun, the eccentric CEO and founder of TRON, today teased the cryptocurrency market a new acquisition the company has in the work. Mr. Sun gave no details of the…

Danish Courts Sided with Nordea Bank; Employees Not to Invest In Bitcoin

Danish Courts Ruled in Favor of Nordea Bank; Employees Cannot Invest In Bitcoin

Nordea Bank cryptocurrency news (December 09, 2029) – Danish courts handed a victory to traditional banks. The fight centers around preventing employees from investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during and…

South Korea Plans to Tax Cryptocurrency Transactions as Capital Gain

South Korean Government Proposed Meaures to Tax Cryptocurrency Transactions as Capital Gain, in Latest Crackdown

South Korea is the latest governmental body to get into the cryptocurrency tax business. The Korean National Assembly plans to tax cryptocurrency transactions as capital gains. According to report published…

When Is The Next Verge Hardfork? Will XVG Price Moon Before & After?

When Is The Next Verge Hardfork? Can The Privacy Coin Price Moon to Its all Time High of 2000 Statoshis?

When is the next Verge hardfork? Verge’s (XVG) price consolidated after experiencing a sharp increase on November 14. The privacy coin traded at a month high of 65 satoshis to…