Online Privacy Concerns Drive Crypto-friendly Brave Web Browser Massive Growth

Online Privacy Concerns Drive Brave Web Browser Massive Growth

Brave, the crypto-friendly web browser is more popular than ever and this may be just the beginning. The privacy-focus browser firm announced another milestone yesterday –  15 million users actively browsing the Internet using Brave monthly.

Brave web browser version 1.0, released on November 2020 with big fanfare is a major hit. The firm gained an additional 5 million downloads. That’s a 50% increase since December 2019. The jump resulted in 2 million more active daily.

Ray Walsh, an executive at ProPrivacy said:

“Consumers are waking up to the tracking performed by Big Tech and moving en masse to services that promise to do better.”

Walsh continued:

“Consumers are voting with their feet, a trend that we will continue to see long into the future.”

It pays to be Brave

Brave browser rewards its users with the cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT) for volunteering to view advertisements that are not intrusive.

Tokens owners can elect to sell, redeem or donate BAT tokens to content producers. Some of the most popular brands have joined the Brave’s revolution. Uber, Verizon, Apple, PayPal, Intel – just to name a few.

Brave, Privacy-Based, Crypto-Powered Browser Gets 1M New User Downloads

Brave is up to a good start. The ad platform averages a whooping 9% click-through-rate, beating industry average of 2% by 7 percentage points. Campaigns are currently supported in 183 countries.

Brave web browser vs Google Chrome and other competitors

Although Brave is making a lot of noise, it’s still have a long way to go before it can truly compete with the big boys. Chrome, which uses the same Chromium technology as Brave presently controls 63.91% of the web browsers market share. Safari with 18.2%, while Firefox commands 4.39%, according to Statcounter.

Geek Herald, a news portal for geeks reported that Chrome’s Android app downloads exceeded 5 billion in June 2019.

Brave Browser Partnered With Uber, Amazon, Apple To Let Users Redeem BAT Rewards

However, Google, which owns Chrome has been embroiled in many data sharing a users’ privacy scandals over the past few years. The team at Brave has seek to use Google’s privacy concerns and shady practices to its advantage.

In 2019 (September), Brave filed a complaint with United Kingdom’s Competition & Markets Authority division claiming Google collects and shares users’ personal information with large budget advertisers.

Reuben Yap, Privacy-based ZCoin Project Lead promoted Brave browser as a top contender to benefit from any Google’s Chrome fallout.

“The battle is already starting to rage between governments and companies seeking more and more of our data and the rights of an individual to protect their own data.”

Apple Lists Crypto-Based Browser, Brave on ‘New Apps We Love’ On AppStore

The battle lines have been drawn between Google Chrome vs Brave web browser. Who will dominate the web browser market in the future is still undecided. However, Chrome currently holds all the cards.

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