MyCointainer x Airdrop: Claim 1,500+ Free BTK Tokens!

The project is airdropping 1,500 free BTK tokens to each person who register (no KYC), complete a couple of tasks. You can earn 200 BTK for each person you refer. In addition, the top 3 referrals will receive 1,000,000 BTK tokens and 10 random participants will share 50.000 extra BTK tokens.

About MyCointainer x

The firm’s aims to makes it easier for crypto newbies to dive into the cryptocurrency world without the risks involved. Users of the system will be reward for staking their coins and various digital assets.

MyCointainer x wants to help facilitate crypto’s mass adoption worldwide. With added value, great product design and education materials, they believe they can help both the cryptocurrency industry and investors achieve their ultimate goal.

The company’s focus is Proof of Stake consensus, Masternodes. With a privacy coin, MyCointainer x provides anonymized transactions utilizing the Zerocoin Protocol. The tokens; Bitcoin Turbo Koin can be used for secure payments for online transactions and e-commerce.

Number of FREE tokens per Airdrop: 1,500 BTK

Tokens per referral: 200 BTK

Requirements to claim free MyCointainer x’s BTK tokens

MyCointainer x Airdrop - Get 1,500+ Free BTK Tokens

Step-by-Step Guide MyCointainer x Airdrop

Step 1: Communicate with MyCointainer x Telegram Airdrop bot

Step 2: Join MyCointainer x Telegram Channel (Required, +100 BTK)

Step 3: Create an account at MyCointainer(Required, +500 BTK)

Step 4: Follow MyCointainer & CryptoAdventure on Twitter. (Required, +200 BTK)

Step 5: Complete extra (optional) tasks to earn up to 1500 BTK tokens

Step 5: Submit your MyCointainer BTK address and other details to the Bot.

Step 6: Share your referral link to earn 200 BTK coins for every referral.

Please come back and comment on the easiness of the process to claim MyCointainer Airdrop. 

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