Looter Stole a Bitcoin ATM and Physically Tried to Take Coins Out

Looter Stole a Bitcoin ATM and Physically Tried to Take Coins Out

A thief or looter stole a Bitcoin ATM earlier today and tried to physically extract the cryptocurrency coins out of it. Unfortunately, this is not a prank or April fool, it really happened, according to a reddit post. A photo of the individual attempting to break into the ATM has gone viral online.

The alleged thief will definitely not get any Bitcoin out. However, if the particular stolen automated teller machine (ATM) accepts cash as payment for cryptocurrecies, the perpetrator may end up with a windfall.

Will the stolen Bitcoin ATM looter face any consequences?

Conversely, should the ATM only have a few dollars in fiat currencies, the looter would have gone through all this trouble for almost nothing.

If caught, he will definitely faced jail time and potentially pay restitution. It all depends under which state jurisdiction the theft occurred.

Bitcoin ATM Thief
Source: Reddit

A Reddit user with the handle SteakAndEggs2k wrote “The real looters are the criminals in Congress, the Treasury and the Fed who print infinite amounts of money to give to their banker friends and CEOs.”

The statement shifted the conversation from stolen bitcoin ATM to government officials and business leaders. Those in Washington, congress, the Federal Reserve and fortune 500 companies; including the $3.5+ billion stimulus package.

Is lacked of crypto education responsible?

One very important topic not discussed on the Reddit post is… what made the alleged thief believe he could extract physical coins from the stolen Bitcoin ATM?

There are tons of cryptocurrency/bitcoin educational materials online. However, content organization is very poor. Formatted and arranged in chaotic ways that don’t entices or excite people.

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency creates unintended consequences as well. Crypto education is the primary victim of it.

Education is key, in order for cryptocurrency to become mainstream. The current state of the crypto information super-highway makes attracting newbies to learn about the space difficult.

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