KAPPI Airdrop – Sign up & Get 25,000 KAPPI tokens Worth $200

KAPPI Airdrop is giving away 25,000 KAPPI tokens worth $200 to 1,000 randomly selected participants.

About KAPPI Blockchain Project

KAPPI wants to become the go-to network blockchains ecosystems for the new token economy. KAPPI is constructed with several blockchains called ‘Spaces.’ Each space works independently and powered by KAPPI’s DWARF.

The DWARF ensures each application runs smoothly, consistently, with high-performance and security.  KAPPI algorithms are scalable and available to be used for proof of stake (PoS) and public blockchains.

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Number of FREE tokens per Airdrop: 25,000 KAPPI for 1,000 random selected participants.

Tokens per referral: No referral program available

KYC Requirements: KYC is NOT required

Total supply allocated for Airdrop: 10,000,000,000 KAPPI

ICO Start Date: October 25 , 2019

ICO Price: 25,000 KAPPI = 1 Ethereum (ETH)

Requirements to claim free KAPPI airdrop tokens

KAPPI Airdrop – Sign up & Get 25,000 KAPPI tokens  Worth $200

Step-by-Step Instruction to Claim Airdrop Tokens

Step 1: Fill out KAPPI Airdrop form.

Step 2: Join KAPPI’s Telegram channel.

Step 3: Follow KAPPI on Twitter and retweet any of their listed tweets.

Step 4: Submit your Ethereum wallet and other info via the airdrop form. Create one here if you don’t already have it.

Step 5: Then wait and see if you win. 25,000 KAPPI tokens will be sent to 1,000 randomly selected participants.

Claim Tokens

Please come back and comment on the easiness of the process to claim KAPPI’s Airdrop tokens. 

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