Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO Teases New Company Acquisition, What In The Bag, Justin?

Justin Sun, TRON CEO Teases New Company Acquisitions

Justin Sun, the eccentric CEO and founder of TRON, today teased the cryptocurrency market a new acquisition the company has in the work. Mr. Sun gave no details of the deal, leaving us to wonder with a simple tweet that read “New acquisition in #TRON ecosystem is done. Stay tuned.”

CryptoZink was one of the first crypto news sites to report, on Oct. 26, that Sun was gathering a group of investors to purchase troubled cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex. A few short days later, Sun and his team announced a deal was reached with Poloniex.

What could be in Justin Sun’s bag of tricks this time around?

Sun’s reputation inside the crypto community is not a stellar one. Many have accused him of being “media wh*re” without substance. To their credits, he does have a long history of releasing hype and sensational news, which often turned out to nothing but lies. So it’s not completely unfounded that the crypto market is skeptical.

A perfect example is when Justin Sun, six months ago, announced he’s having a “power lunch” with billionaire Warren Buffett to convince him Bitcoin is not a scam. The highly anticipated meeting never took place.

After Buffett denied scheduling any meeting with Mr. Sun, he tweeted:

“My immature, naive, and impulsive conducts with my big mouth have turned it into an out-of-control and failed over-marketing hype and led to a significant series of unexpected consequences.”  

Although many have accused him of being a “shameless” promoter, Justin Sun remains a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency.

Is Justin Sun pumping the price of TRON so he can dump to make a profit? What are your thoughts? Use the comment form below to express your opinion.  

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