Cryptocurrency Support Coming to Android Smartphones with HTC and Partnership

HTC Supports Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash In Partnership with

The crypto market received a bit of good news today after announced it is partnering with Android smartphones producer HTC to support cryptocurrency trading. The first HTC cellphone that will supports crypto trading is the HTC Exodus 1.

The relationship will be mutually beneficial for both companies. HTC will make it a lot easier for the popular smartphone’s users to buy Bitcoin and crypto, while sending more mobile traffic to The new cryptocurrency exchange has more than 4 wallets currently doing transactions.

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Released in May this year, HTC’s Exodus 1 is the first ever to provide support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to crypto traders without having to download Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet from an app store. With the new updates, Exodus 1 users users will have wallet app pre-loaded to the device. Both companies put out statements:

Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer (DCO) of HTC in referrence to HTC supports cryptocurrency trading.

The Exodus vision has always aligned itself toward public blockchains and its fundamental transformative nature of the future of money and the internet. The Zion Vault is happy to support BCH natively in hardware for security to go hand in hand with the BCH blockchain as an alternative to dominant payment rails and platforms. CEO, Stefan Rust

There are so many synergies between and HTC. We are very excited to be on this incredible journey together. executive chair, Roger Ver’s partnership with HTC will enable Bitcoin Cash to be used as peer-to-peer electronic cash for all the Exodus users around the world.

What’s your thoughts on HTC supports cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in partnership with

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