How to Invest In Ethereum (ETH) – A Beginner’s Guide, Reviews & Step-by-Step Tutorials

How to Invest in Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies just behind bitcoin. However, its adoption by many institutions and its usefulness by many startup companies has seen its value rise since its inception. Given its popularity and its alternative avenue in storing value aside bitcoin, Ethereum is fast becoming another wealth creation avenue.

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It is, however important to note the risk associated with investing and the potential it holds for the creation of wealth. Depending on what you require Ethereum for, both trading and investing are the main ways through which you can increase your wealth.

Ethereum Trading vs Investing

There is a difference between trading Ethereum and investing in Ethereum. Trading takes place more frequently than the investment process.

In most cases, the trading process involves holding your ether currency in an online exchange platform to facilitate quick and fast transactions. However, as it concerns investing, you might have to get an Ethereum supported wallet to store your ether for the investment period.

How to Invest In Ethereum or Trade ETH

Investing in Ethereum and trading with them can be achieved in a few straightforward mechanisms. Here are some of the platform on which you can trade or invest your ETH.

#1. Coinmama

This is one of the easiest platforms on which you can trade your ETH currency. Here are the required steps for investing in the Coinmama platform

Step 1: register and open an account on the Coinmama platform

Step 2: Select your payment method to deposit and withdraw money

Step 3: read the necessary instructions and terms of usage

Step 4: Complete payment transaction and confirm the wallet address provided.

Pros Of Coinmama Platform

  • It supports different credit and debit card for payment
  • Available in most countries
  • Extensive support to aid customers to solve any issue that may arise

Cons Of Coinmama Platform

  • Only exist in the English language
  • High transaction rate

Coinmama Payment Methods

Coinmama platform accepts payments from both online card payment and cash payment using fiat currency. It could also be traded with other cryptocurrencies for the required monetary value.

Visit Coinmama

#2. Gemini

Here are some of the useful step for buying Ethereum on Gemini

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Account confirmation

Step 3: Two-way authentication for your account

Step 4: Bank account updating

Step 5: Verification process

Step 6: Add some funds to your account

Step 7: Start trading

Pros Of Using Gemini

  • Lower transaction fee
  • User optimized interface for a user-friendly experience
  • Gemini allows buying with a bank transfer

Cons Of Using Gemini

  • It only offers Ethereum and bitcoin cryptocurrency for trading
  • It has a limited selection of method for funding

Gemini Payment methods

Gemini platform accepts payments from bank transfer payment. It could also be traded with other cryptocurrencies for the required monetary value.

Visit Gemini

#3. LocalBitcoins

This is another well-known avenue through which Etheretum could be bought and sold. Here are the required steps needed to set up your account on LocalBitcoins

Step 1: Register as a new member on localbitcoins

Step 2: Search for your desired cryptocurrency

Step 3: Select your desired digital asset to buy

Step 4: Pay the seller

Step 5: Mark the transaction as complete upon completion

Pros Of Using LocalBitcoins

  • An easier way of buying and selling your ether
  • Low transaction rate for a transaction

Cons Of Using LocalBitcoins

  • Can only be used to trade a few selected coins
  • Extra care is required in choosing who to buy or sell from

Payment Method On LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcouns accepts a wide range of payment methods. Although some methods are rather expensive, the most used one is the BTC.

Visit LocalBitcoins


Buying and selling or investing directly on ether and Ethereum platform, in general, is an advisable way of growing your wealth. Due to their valuations, these ethers are always increasing in their valuation and hence a great investment opportunity.

Be sure to transfer your coins to one of our recommended best Ethereum wallets in order keep them out of exchanges and out of the hands of hackers. 

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