How To Buy Bitcoins With Checking Account

How to Buy Bitcoin with Checking Account (BTC)

Last updated: 8/25/2019

One of the greatest challenges that plague online financial transactions and markets, and which stand as a hindrance between some folks and the digital financial markets, is the inability to purchase bitcoins easily and conveniently through their bank accounts.

One of the reasons most folks shy away from conducting online financial transactions (such as buying Bitcoins) using their bank accounts, is due to the fraudulent activities perpetrated by internet fraudsters.

Another reason some others don’t get involved in online investments is as a result of the difficulties and technicalities that are associated with transacting businesses online.

Hence, they would rather not conduct any business online, than putting themselves and their finances at the risk of financial defrauding or mishap.

But what these people don’t understand, is that there are inventions and techniques that have helped to simplify and made online financial transactions easy and secured for all online investors.

And one of these easy and secured techniques that ensures a safe and hitch-free conduction of online financial transactions, most especially the purchase of Bitcoins, is the use of a checking account in purchasing the needed Bitcoins, through the use of a cryptocurrency exchange platform named COINBASE.

Purchasing Bitcoins through the use of a checking account is different from purchasing it using credit/debit cards, in the sense that purchasing Bitcoins with your bank account helps to reduce the processing fee that credit card companies charge per transaction. Also, when purchasing Bitcoins with a checking account, you have a higher daily purchase limit over those buying bitcoin with their credit/debit cards.

Coinbase Overview

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews by CryptoZink

Since its inception in the year 2012, Coinbase has risen to become one of the fastest-growing digital currency exchange company in San Francisco, California and all around the world.

Coinbase has provided a platform and an avenue for currency exchange investors to conduct their exchange transactions in the simplest and fastest ways.

Supported Countries

Asides from the United States of America, there are over twenty million subscribers in over fifty five countries of the world, which include The United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, France, Estonia, Andorra, Croatia, Netherlands, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus, Finland, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Poland, who have chosen to pitch their tents with Coinbase, because of its simplicity and easy to use features.

While Coinbase started as a company that sold Bitcoins to its customers directly, they added other services along the line, making them more than just a brokerage company.

Coinbase Services

Although the primary service offered by Coinbase is serving as a brokerage platform for the sales and purchase of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

They deal in the sales and purchase of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Zcash, Ox, Dai, Bitcoins Cash, and Augor)

In addition to serving as an exchange platform, Coinbase serves as a cryptocurrency wallet too, i.e. a store where investors ‘keep’ their cryptocurrencies when they are not transacting with them. Actually, it is not the cryptocurrencies that are stored in the wallet, but the private keys of the investor that are stored in the wallet.

Also, Coinbase Pro which was formerly named ‘GDAX’ (Global Digital Asset Exchange), is a platform for investors who are professionals to trade their cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, ZRX, Bitcoins Cash, Bitcoins, and Litecoin).

The Coinbase Pro is quite different from the regular Coinbase trading service, in the sense that the fees charged for the transactions are lower.

Another service rendered by Coinbase is the Custodian services, which is a service rendered to institutional investors, in helping them keep their cryptocurrencies safe and well-guarded.

The Coinbase index, which is another service rendered by Coinbase, is a form of tracker that aids in tracking the financial performances of all Coinbase investors and their assets.

Coinbase Fees

Although Coinbase fees are not fixed, as they vary based on lots of factors such as the payment method, exchange season and locations, it is by far the lowest of all the other exchange platforms.

For instance, Coinbase charges a Coinbase fee of $0.99 and Spread of 0.50% for sales and purchase of Digital Currency that are less than or equal to $10.

For transactions that exceed $10 but are lower than $25, there is the regular Spread charge of $0.99 and a Coinbase fee of $1.49.

For transactions that exceed $25 but are lower than or equal to $50, there is the regular Spread charge of $0.99 and a Coinbase fee of $1.99.

Finally, for transactional that exceed $50, but are less than or equal to $200, there is the regular spread charge of $0.99 and a Coinbase fee of $2.99.

Buying Limits

After registering your account on Coinbase, you have the opportunity to purchase some number of Bitcoins and trade with it, until you are ready to raise your limits. (Limits are not fixed too but they vary according to payment methods and regions also.)

Coinbase Customer Support And Public Opinion
Coinbase offers a vast support system for their users to be able to communicate with them effortlessly. If you want to make inquiries, be rest assured that the customer support system has answers to whatever your questions might be.

Also, if you are communicating your inquiry via email, be sure to get your response between two to four days.
Although the support system is said to have answers to almost all questions, there are folks who claim that they don’t get in-depth responses to their questions.

Pros And Cons


  • An easy way to buy Bitcoins with both the credit/debit card and bank accounts
  • It is easy for newbies to understand and operate fast
  • Has cheaper fees than most exchange platforms


  • Tracks users’ performances and investments
  • Accounts can be shut down if illegal or fraudulent activities such as Bitcoin gambling and exchange of contrabands are suspected

Buy at Coinbase


Coinbase is one of the safest exchange platforms mostly for folks who are new to the market. With Coinbase, it is very easy for you to find your way around and up the game in a short time.

And for folks who are scared to make transactions with their checking accounts, Coinbase will help you handle your business in a secured, convenient and easy format.

For instance, to purchase Bitcoins on Coinbase using your checking account, all you need to do is:

  • Open a Coinbase account (if you don’t have one yet)
  • Visit the “Settings” page.
  • Click on the “Linked Accounts” button and insert your bank details
  • Then make your purchase clicking on the “Buy/Sell”
  • Simple as 1,2 and 3!

How to Deposit Money to Coinbase

Buy at Coinbase

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