Hive Token Price Pumps 140.44% Following Huobi Exchange Listing

Hive Token Price Pumps 140.44% Following Huobi Exchange Listing

Hive Token price pumps 140.44% after popular Asian cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi announced trading support for the native token. Hive, the token out out of the Steem fork is currently trading at $0.4363.

Last time Hive coin traded above $0.20 was on March 26, when the price surged to a little under $0.30 ($0.299).

Hive Token Today's Price

Why now?

Influenced by Justin Sun, Huobi exchange initially rejected Hive Token. Huobi released a statement later claiming that Sun led them to believe that “Steem was at immediate risk of an attack.” They soon realized Sun tricked them, after he took control of Steem, in hostile takeover.

Hive token price vs Steem

Since detaching itself from Steem, via hard fork, Hive token price has been surging. Launched with a total supply of 351,126,506, Hive started market trading March 22nd at $0.17; the same price as Steem. However, Hive token price began to moon shortly after.

Since then, Steem’s price fluctuates between $0.13 and $0.18, while Hive Token in the range of $0.17 to $0.43, with a week high of $0.299 on March 26.

Steem Token Today's Price

It seems Steem has fallen off the map. @Hivepeople tweeted a screenshot showing traffic ranking differences between Steem and Hive Tokens, and it does not look good for Justin Sun and Steem.

Steem ship is sinking faster than the RMS Titanic

Since the takeover, four of the founding team members left to start a new project. The new firm, OpenOrchard is led by ichael Vandeberg (@vandeberg), Nathaniel Caldwell, Steve Gerbino (@gerbino), and @theoretical; all former Steem members who were there from the beginning.

OpenOrchard now supports Hive tokens instead of Steem. They believe Hive is critical to the advancement of a decentralization world.

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