Guess How Much The Price Of a Single Bitcoin Will Be If the World’s 46.8 Million Millionaires Buy and Hold 1 Bitcoin Each?

Guess How Much Bitcoin Price Will Be If the World’s 46.8 Million Millionaires Buy 1 BTC Each?

A little bitcoin fact (November 19, 2020). More than 6 years ago, on August 31, 2013, a user on Reddit posted profesiezed the price of a single Bitcoin will increase 10x every two years, starting from the time of the prediction.

At the time Bitcoin was trading at $300 a coin. So, according to the user’s prediction or prophesy, BTC price was to be $1,000 in 2015, increased another 10x to $10,000 in 2017, and this year (2020), $100,000.

The user did prophesied Bitcoin’s 2015 and 2017 price corrected. However, He’s going to miss his 2020 Bitcoin price prediction by 2020 by a mile, unless, in 33 days Bitcoin surge to $100,000 dollars. If that does not happen, his $1,000,000,000 Bitcoin prophesy by 2021 is essentially, a fantasy.

But here is a little known Bitcoin fact. If the world 48.8 million millionaires each purchase and hold 1 bitcoin, the price will instantly surge to $2.2 million dollars.

Bitcoin’s price jumped to $18,000 today. That’s 117.4% growth from a year ago. this year. In December 2018, BTC was trading at $3,300. Today’s growth from that time period is a whooping 450% percent.

Have you ever had an investment grew 450% in a little under 2 years? Not even Warren Buffett can claim these astonishing number.

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