Bitcoin May Surge 100% Before May 2020 Halving, Says Fundstrat

Bitcoin May Surge 100% Before 2020 Halving, Says Fundstrat

Fundstrat 2020 Bitcoin Price Prediction – Majority of Bitcoin traders, enthusiasts, and analysts expect Bitcoin’s price to rise to an unseen level before and/or after BTC Having takes place.

Fundstrat Bitcoin pre-halving price prediction

Market research firm, Fundstrat, however, believes that may happen sooner. The firm’s global advisors release a report on the social media platform, Twitter claiming Bitcoin’s price can rise 100%.

Furthermore, the document, released on January 10, states that the first cryptocurrency coin (BTC) can double investors’ profit. Could happen way before block reward halving. The newly released 2020 Crypto Outlook doesn’t even factor in halving in the price. 

Tom Lee, one of the report’s authors wrote,

“For 2020, we see several positive convergences that enhance the use case and also the economic model for crypto and Bitcoin — thus, we believe Bitcoin and crypto total return should exceed that of 2019.”

Lee continued,

“In other words, we see strong probability that Bitcoin gains >100% in 2020.”

Lee, amongst Fundstrat report authors cite elevated geopolitical tensions, anxiety and the uncertainly of the presidential election in the U.S. as factors for the conclusion. The upcoming Bitcoin halving is also factored in. 

Additionally, pass events also played a role in Fundstrat predicting a 100% Bitcoin surge in 2020. For instance, BTC/USD pair experienced some highs after Donald Trump’s negative bitcoin comments.

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Also, BTC’s price surged during Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg fight with congress over the company’s stablecoin, Libra. 

CryptoZink recently published a list of 2020 Bitcoin predictions from some of the industry’s most popular experts and infuencers.

Ross Ulbricht, founder of now-defunct dark marketplace, Silk Road thinks Bitcoin will reach $100,000 in 2020. He’s one of a long list of early BTC investors who predicting a $100k+ bitcoin price by the end of 2020. 

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