Facebook Joins YouTube in Banning Cryptocurrency Content From Platform

Facebook Joins YouTube in Banning Cryptocurrency Content

Update (March 31, 2020) – Facebook (FB) banned our website link (CryptoZink.io) on fanpage “about page” claiming it has sexual content! LOL, cryptocurrency content is now censored as “sexual content.”

Facebook Banned Cryptocurrency Websites

Social media giant, Facebook (FB) has officially joined YouTube in banning cryptocurrency-based content from its platforms. CryptoZink received a general “suspended” email from YouTube on March 18 that read:

“We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines (https://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines) your YouTube account [name removed] suspended.

After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which state that the sexually explicit content is not acceptable on our site.

Please be aware that you prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how we enforced our Community Guidelines, please visit our Help Center.

If you would like to appeal the suspension, please submit this form.”

YouTube Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Ban

Six (6) days later, all cryptocurrency related content abruptly removed from CryptoZink’s official Facebook fan page. Our first reaction were that something had happened we simply had to fix.

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Digging into our social media auto publish log, we noticed the following message:

“270308636963034/feed/Your message couldn’t post because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

Facebook Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Content Ban

Facebook vs cryptocurrency ads and content

Facebook formally banned cryptocurrency advertisements (ads) on January 2018. Nonetheless, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain related content were still welcome until discovered FB censored our content from the social media platform..

However, one could just dismiss this as a “per-account” or “user basis” ban. However, CryptoZink writers have not posted any content that violates either Facebook’s or YouTube’s community guidelines or policies. They blindly see crypto & bitcoin as threats to their bottom line.

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Have you received “banned” notices for posting crypto related content or content removed from Facebook or YouTube? If so, please share your experience on the comment section below.  

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