Etherscan Launches Decentralized Search Engine for Websites with Crypto Extensions

Etherscan Launches Decentralized Search Engine for Crypto Extensions

Etherscan, the Ethereum blockchain popular transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and activities search engine has expended its web search business.

Today, the firm launched a decentralized search engine dedicated to websites with cryptocurrency extensions. For now, the new medium supports .Crypto, .Eth, and .Zil extensions. However, there are more to come in the near future.

According to a press release published on Medium, Etherscan launched the search engine to help promote uncensorable websites on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentralized search engine matters

Named Blockscan, the new decentralized search engine; first of its kind, starts with three blockchain domain names that currently the most popular in the crypto space.

Moreover, there are currently 150 websites indexed. Those sites widely used by crypto traders, enthusiasts, researchers and users.

Etherscan encourages crypto/blockchain developers, bloggers and news outlets with uncensorable websites to submit them for inclusion.

However, to classified as a decentralized medium, a website needs to be hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Speed, security and reliability

IPFS-based websites often stored and hashed various network nodes. This method guarantees 100% up time because if a node crashes, blocked or malfunction, other nodes will take over to continue serving the stored data.

Dubbed Unstoppable, crypto-based domains, such as .eth, .crypto, and .zil are easier to memorize and highly readable, more secure and “unstoppable” due to their decentralized nature.

The current internet is full of gatekeepers who control our behavior, and who lock us in and out of our digital lives. .Crypto was built to give freedom back to users. You decide what to publish and what transactions you engage in on the internet. No company or 3rd party, including Unstoppable Domains, can take away your domain.

We belong together

A number of popular web browsers have begun to support decentralized domains. Among them are: Brave and Opera browsers.

Opera, particularly has partnered with some unstoppable domains, which allows developers to register the more popular, .crypto names.

Opera, the 6th largest web browser, by market shares (2.34%) already incorporated a built-in wallet that supports the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and TRX.

What are your thoughts on Etherscan’s new decentralized search engine, Blockscan?

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