CRYPTO SCAM ALERT: Massive Bitcoin Sextortion Emails Sent To People In The U.S As Stimulus Checks Get Deposited

Bitcoin Sextortion Scam Emails Sent To People In The United States

Crypto Scam Alert (April 17, 2020) – individuals around the United States have reported to CryptoZink that they have received bitcoin sextortion scam emails from scammers in the past few days.

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This is happening as government stimulus checks starting to hit bank accounts. The founder of CryptoZink, Mathieu Louis also received one of the Bitcoin sextortion scam emails today at 5:41 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).

New Bitcoin sextortion scam emails

The Bitcoin sextortion scam is one of the latest to have rocked the crypto community lately. On the email. the scam artist says:

“Prepare yourself because I am going to tremble your world today. I had a serious viruses infect your pc and also record video of YOU (using your web camera) whilst you looked at ‘adult’ web sites.”

Also, one of the victim old or current passwords is included in email message. We can assume the scammer retrieved the password from dark web dumps. In Mathieu’s case, the attached passcode is one that was changed months ago.

Bitcoin Sextortion Scam Emails

The BTC sextortion scam email message continued:

“Nonetheless don’t believe me? Respond 7 and I will be randomly share your video clip with the people you’re friends with (Yes, I’ve got access to your address book too).

At this point, what do I want to get this to whole thing fade away? Very well, I have already mentioned the deal in beginning of the e mail. If you dont fulfill it within Twenty-four hrs, I most certainly will make your life hell by sending that video clip to Everybody you know. Your time starts now.”

Should you pay?

The scammer directs victims to send $1,000 worth of Bitcoin to address ‘1NX*nefH32bd6evaMCs7UghcWTYrx8gcgGJ.’ Additionally, he instructed them to copy the address, then remove ‘*’ from it.

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At the time of this writing, 187 people have reported the scam to The site also states to NOT pay email ransoms because the extortion is 100% fake (more info).

The Bitcoin sextortion scam email is sent from different email addresses using outlook mail server. BTC wallet addresses are also unique to each email.

This new crypto scam doesn’t seem to be well coordinated. The scammer(s) left many traces and footprint on the email message.

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