Brave, Privacy-Based, Crypto-Powered Browser Gets 1M New User Downloads

Brave, Crypto-Based Internet Browser Saw 1M New Downloads

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Brave Software, growing crypto-based Internet browser continues to make new waves.The firm, yesterday released a new download milestone. 1 million new users download Brave in the month of March alone.

Des Martin,the firm’s marketing executive tweeted the good news on April 1st. With more than 10 million downloads since inception.

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The crypto-based Internet browser joins Zoom, Slack, and HouseParty as the only companies to have grown their users base this large, this fast since Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began.

When, how and by whom crypto-based Brave Internet was founded & released?

Released by Brendan Eich on November 13, 2019, Brave Internet browser quickly won over the crypto community. Mr. Eich previously created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla.

He developed Brave Software with funding from Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) initial coin offering (ICO). Initially, BAT holders can only hold, trade or gift the token.

However, shortly after Brave Internet browser was released, additional features such as allowing users to earn BAT tokens by viewing ads and coin staking were added.

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In addition, content readers can contribute BATs to webmaster and content producers. An add network similar to Google Adsense & Adwords is coming under development.

Early March, CryptoZink reported a new Brave Software partnership TAP Network that allows reward holders to convert BAT tokens to gift cards that can be spent at:

“Uber, Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, American Airlines,, Walmart, Xbox, PlayStation, Domino’s, Starbucks” and many others. TAP has a network of 250,000 brands.

Moreover, the crypto-based Internet browser firm partnered with Binance last month. The partnership allows the cryptocurrency exchange users to buy, sell and trade directly from Brave browser tabs. A Binance widget is getting created by Brave and will be launched soon.

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