List of Companies Accepting Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency as Payment in 2020

Companies Accepting Bitcoin As Payment for Goods and Services

Last updated: 01/25/2020

One of the reasons Bitcoin has become popular and going mainstream is due an ever growing list of companies, organizations and institutions accepting the first cryptocurrency as method of payment for goods and services. Some of the big boys are still playing the wait-and-see game, but there’s no doubt they will eventual jump into the bandwagon. Below is a massage and complete list of companies accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

Who Accepts Bitcoin in 2020 – Overview

The most companies accepting Bitcoin & cryptocurrency as payment as of today are:

  • Wikipedia
  • Microsoft
  • Expedia
  • Overstock (the first on that list)

1. List of major companies accepting Bitcoins & cryptocurrency as payment for products & services in 2020:

Wikipedia – The most popular open-source encyclopedia accepts bitcoin as payment using the BTC processor BitPay

Microsoft – Anyone with a Microsoft account can top up their account using bitcoin. The company is off and on…they once disabled the option but turned it back up shorty after that.

Expedia – The very popular global traveling company uses Coinbase to take bitcoin payments for airline tickets, hotel booking and other traveling services worldwide. Check their terms and conditions ( because they’re very strict.

KFC – The fast food chain’s Canada division accepts bitcoin through BitPay, but limited to online ordering of buckets to be delivered to your door. The name of the program is “Bucket Bitcoin.”

Overstock – The popular United States based online retailer focusing on big ticket items at lower price was the first major company to accept bitcoin as payment. They have partnered with Coinbase to accept payments.

Playboy – The adult content company that operates Playboy TV recently announced ( their will accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for adult content viewing.

Subway – A number of Subway’s fast food branches accept bitcoin as payment. We can’t list exactly which one, but you can ask when you visit the fast food restaurant. Below is a video of a customer paying with bitcoin at one of their locations.

Virgin Galactic – The company that operates Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airline with the eccentric billionaire Richard Benson at the helm allows anyone to pay for space travel using bitcoin.

Namecheap – The domain name registration company used by entrepreneurs started accepting bitcoin as payment in 2013 when their users started a petition demanding the company does so.

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CheapAir – The United States’ based online travel booking agency started accepting bitcoin as payment for airline tickets, vacation packages and hotels using Coinbase as a processor. They have since changed to BTCPayServer.

Gyft – The online company that allows anyone to buy and send gift cards from online retailers like Starbucks, Amazon and iTunes accept bitcoin as payment for those gift cards. Gyft charges users a fee to use BTC as a payment method.

NewEgg – The computer hardware, software and consumer electronic online retailer is one of the first companies to accept bitcoin (

The Internet Archive – The world’s largest digital archive that also aporates Wayback Machine with billions of records also accepts bitcoin as payment.

The Pirate Bay – The digital media content company that allows users worldwide to download pirated software and content allows people to pay with bitcoin.

4Chan – Already one of the most popular imageboard websites amongst bitcoin users, 4Chan accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin as payment for passes. – Mega is Kim Dotcom’s newest project. The founder of megaupload; a file hosting and cloud storage company allows bitcoin holders to pay with BTC to upgrade their accouns.

Amazon (not directly) – The biggest world retailer in the world doesn’t accept bitcoin directly, but users can use ( to pay for anything on the site with bitcoin. pretty much connect anyone with a bitcoin wallet to Amazon to purchase products and services.

ExpressVPN – One of the widely used virtual private networks (VPN) that help users surf the web anonymously accepts bitcoin for monthly & yearly subscription to the service.

Benfica – The popular European sport events tickets, sports memorabilia and merchandise website based in Lisbon Portugal accept bitcoin as payment for all their products and services

AT&T – The first major United States based carrier to allow its users to use cryptocurrency as a payment method for services and products.

1. List of stores accepting Bitcoin & cryptocurrency as payment for products and services:

It’s not just big companies accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services. Some of your favorite local brick & mortar and online stores have jumped into the bandwagon as well. This list even includes the Libertarian Political Party and the State Republican Party!

Alza – The most popular online retailer in serving Czech Republic

Bitcoin.Travel – a travel website where tourists can book hotels, apartments, accommodation and tickets to attractions, etc.

Pembury Tavern – A well frequented pub in London, England

Old Fitzroy – A popular local pub in Sydney, Australia

The Pink Cow – A popular local diner in Tokyo, Japan

Zynga – Widely used mobile gaming website

EZTV – Allows user to watch TV shows around the world

Lumfile – You can store your files on the cloud for free. Premium services available for a fee

Etsy – Multi-vendors e-commerce giant – Pay for your pizza using bitcoin. One of the first fast food chains to jump into the bandwagon is Domino’s Pizza. – You can have your tasty coffee brands deliver to you and pay with bitcoin.

Grass Hill Alpacas – Located in Haydenville, Massachusetts, Grass Hill Alpacas accepts bitcoins as payment.

Jeffersons Store –  Situated in Bergenfield, New Jersey, the street clothing store allows payments with bitcoin.

Helen’s Pizza – Want to get a tasty slice of Helen’s pizza? Well, you can do that wit bitcoin.

A Class Limousine – Show up at the Newark (N.J.) Airport in style using bitcoin – Peer-to-peer network of SEO service providers – Discover interesting products, collect them and buy in one place. – Indie gaming website – Download and play games on your PC, Mac and Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows) and pay with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – Digital newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois

San Jose Earthquakes – Professional Football (MLS Soccer) team in San Jose, California – One of the easies, fastest and secure way to do funds pool with family, friends and colleagues.

Lumfile – A cloud-based server that offers free hosting.

Museum of the Coastal Bend – Located at 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria, Texas, 77901, USA

Gap, GameStop and JC Penney – All three accepts bitcoin as payment, but you have to purchase a gift card at and use the fund there in bitcoin form to buy from these stores.

Fight for the Future – Their focus is Internet freedom. They’re a non-profit organization.

i-Pmart ( – Online mobile phone and electronic parts retailer located in Malaysian. – A chain of restaurants in San Francisco, California. A total of 12 of them accepts bitcoins for orders on that website. (

Dish Network – A United States based direct-broadcast satellite service provider.

Libertarian Party – Even politicians are not accepting bitcoin for contribution. The 4th most popular political party in the USA. – A local yacht charter company based in Croatia.

Euro Pacific – The most popular precious metal dealer in Europe.

CEX – The electronic trade-in chain with shops located in Glasgow, Scotland accepts bitcoin.

Straub Auto Repairs – 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 – (914) 478-1177.

PSP Mollie – Mobile payment service located in the Nederlanders.

Intuit – A United States based financial and tax preparation software company.

ShopJoy – A retail online store located in Australia selling to the local market there. They sell rare, unique gifts and novelties. – Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, LV is an internet service provider.

Grooveshark – Online music streaming service based in the United States.

MIT Coop Store – Massachusetts Institute of Technology student bookstore.

SimplePay – Nigeria’s most popular web and mobile-based wallet service.

SFU bookstore – Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Republican Party – First State Republican Party to accept bitcoin donations. – Respiratory medical equipment supplies store. – An online store that allows anyone to sell their products.

Famsa – Mexico’s biggest retailer.

Naughty America – Adult entertainment provider.

Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla – A major university in Mexico. – Online movie ticket exchange/retailer.

Dream Lover – Online relationship service.

Rakuten – A Japanese e-commerce giant.

Badoo – Online dating network.

RE/MAX London – UK-based franchisee of the global real estate network.

T-Mobile Poland – T-Mobile’s Poland-based mobile phone top-up company.

Stripe – San Francisco-based payments company.

WebJet – Online travel agency.

Green Man Gaming – Popular digital game reseller.

Save the Children  – Global charity organization.

NCR Silver – Point of sales systems.

One Shot Hotels – Spanish hotel chain.

Coupa Café in Palo Alto.

PureVPN – VPN provider.

That’s my face – create action figures.

Foodler – North American restaurant delivery company.

Amagi Metals – Precious metal furnisher.


Most of the companies and stores listed above use a third-party to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency as payment for products and services. Rest assured more and more companies will start to accept cryptocurrencies directly as they’re become more mainstream.

There are a few companies focusing on creating debit and credit cards to make the process easier. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next few years.

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