Coinbase’s #1 Competitor, CoinZoom Cryptocurrency Exchange First to Offer Bitcoin & Crypto Visa Card in the US

CoinZoom Cryptocurrency Exchange Offers Visa Debit Card in US

CoinZoom, the Utah-based cryptocurrency exchange released a long list of features aim to attract traders and users from its main competitor, coinbase. Advertised as the most user-friendly exchange for newbies, Coinbase is the largest and most used trading platform in the United States.

CoinZoom crypto exchange, however, hopes to change that. CoinZoom has all the features Coinbase has. However, the firm is currently promoting a feature they claim to be the only one in the United Sates with it.

CoinZoom cryptocurrency exchange free visa debit card

CoinZoom Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Visa Debit Card

According to CoinZoom founder, Tom Crosland, users can request a free Visa debit card that will automatically convert available digital assets into cash (USD) that can be used at any brick-and-mortar stores, online shops, or at ATM to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

“CoinZoom is not only the first US cryptocurrency exchange to provide a Visa card to its customers but also offers or industry-first features like ZoomMe, CoinZoom’s free peer-to-peer crypto and fiat payment system.”

Crosland continued:

“ZoomMe is like ‘Venmo’ but better. Customers can send crypto and fiat for free to friends and family anywhere in the world for free.”

Apart most popular cryptocurrencies (bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), ripple (XRP), users can buy, sell, and trade 40+ altcoins. Below is a complete list.

List of CoinZoom Cryptocurrency Exchange Tradable Coins

Crosland spent 10 years in the finance industry before pivoting to blockchain technology. In 2001, he launched Interbank FX; foreign exchange (Forex) market that allows banks to trade currencies.

Mr. Crosland grew Interbank FX to 250,000 members with $80b per month in transactions. However, he hopes to do double that number for CoinZoom exchange by the end of this year (2020).

“CoinZoom also provides customers with a premier fiat gateway for funding their accounts. There are several funding options including both Visa and Mastercard debit card options.”

The crypto trading firm is currently registered with FinCEN. According to registration records, CoinZoom‘s application approval happened on March 18, 2020. Anyone wishing to transact on CZ required to complete know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML).

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