Bitcoin Rally - GBTC Institutional Price Charts Signal It's BTC Buying Time

The Rally is Coming? Bitcoin Institutional Price Charts Signal It’s BTC Buying Time

Bitcoin Rally – Is it BTC Buying Time? The price of  Bitcoin has been in falling steadily after a surge that saw the crypto asset price jumped from $7,300 to…

Did The Chinese Government Created Bitcoin to Kill the US Dollar?

Did The Chinese Government Created Bitcoin to Kill the United States Dollar (USD)?

Did the Chinese government created Bitcoin to destroy the U.S. dollar? There have been many conspiracy theories on who created Bitcoin since the first cryptocurrency coin’s creation. The search to…

What is 2020 Bitcoin Halving, When Is It, Why It's Important?

What is Bitcoin Halving, When Is It, Why It’s Important?

An extremely important event in the world of cryptocurrency is going to take place next year. The exact date of this is something every crypto investors are looking forward to,…

Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC Bull Run Despite Current Barerish Price

Litecoin Price Prediction & Assessment: Short-Long Term Gains On the Horizon Despite Current Bearish Price

Litecoin Price Prediction & Assessment (November 16, 2019): With a number of crypto holders pulling money out from altcoins to invest in Bitcoin due of the upcoming BTC halving, Litecoin…

Does the Recent Growth of Altcoins Indicate Independence From Bitcoin

Does the Recent Growth of Altcoins Indicate Their Independence From Bitcoin

Altcoins have been on the rise compared to Bitcoin lately. So, does this mean that they are becoming more price-independent from the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency? The market dominance of…

XRP Price Prediction & Analysis - Short, Long-Term Before Ripple Swell

XRP Price Short, Long Term Price Prediction & Analysis: A MUST Buy with Ripple’s Swell Conference Approaching

XRP price prediction & analysis – I have been bullish on Ripple’s XRP since it was conceived in January 2013. While the majority of cryptocurrency coins, including Bitcoin, are competing…

Ethereum Staking - Proof-of-Stake (POS) a Crypto Game Changer

Ethereum Entering The Crypto Staking Market Is a Potential Industry Game Changer

Is Ethereum staking a game changer? The Ethereum organization made a major announcement last week that shocked the crypto world. Ether’s network is migrating from Proof-of-Work (POW) to Proof-of-Stake (POS)….

What's The Real Reason Why Bitcoin Price Shot Up Today?

The Real Reason Why Bitcoin Price Shot Up Today and China’s President Announcement Has Nothing to do with it

What’s the Real Reason Why Bitcoin Price Shot Up? Bitcoin has been scaring the mess out of crypto investors over the pass two weeks. BTC lost $1,000 per coin in…

Facebook Libra Stablecoin - What is it and How to Buy it

What is Facebook Libra Stable Coin & How to Buy it Guide

Facebook Libra Stablecoin Summary Last updated 09/15/2019 The arrival of the developed cryptocurrency by Facebook has rather caused a rowdy session around the cryptocurrency world. This is due to its…