Senegal Crypto City, Project By Singer Akon Gets Gov't Approval

Senegal Crypto City, Project By Famed R&B Singer Akon Get Government Approval

Senegal Crypto City News (Jan. 20, 2020) – Famed R&B singer, Akon is closer to make his Senegal crypto city project a reality. The 46 year-old received permission from the…

Blockchain Skills Are Most Popular on Linkedin, According to Data

Blockchain Skills are Most Popular & In High Demand on, Linkedin, According to Data

Blockchain skills are the most sought after job expertise on Linkedin in year 2020. Blog Talent writer, Bruce Anderson states that blockchain jobs tops the firm’s global list for the…

Largest Tokenized Real Estate Deal Signed in Zurich for $134M

Largest Tokenized Real Estate Deal Completed in Switzerland, Valued at $134M

Tokenized Real Estate? Cryptocurrency just added another use case to its already long and ever growing list. BrickMarket, a decentralized Swiss real estate-based investment and exchange platform inked a deal…

Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, What's Really Going On with BSV?

Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, Did Craig Wright Prove His Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Did he finally prove it? Why is Bitcoin SV price, Wright’s sponsored project, pumping? BSV up 95% in less than 24 hours…what’s going…

You Can Now Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency Thanks to BitPay

You Can Now Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency, Thanks to BitPay and OneGold Partnership

Want to Buy Gold with Cryptocurrency? Anyone can now do so thanks to a partnership between crypto payment processor, BitPay and popular precious metals marketplace, OneGold. How to buy gold…

Bitcoin May Surge 100% Before 2020 Halving, Says Fundstrat

Bitcoin May Surge 100% Before May 2020 Halving, Says Fundstrat

Fundstrat 2020 Bitcoin Price Prediction – Majority of Bitcoin traders, enthusiasts, and analysts expect Bitcoin’s price to rise to an unseen level before and/or after BTC Having takes place. Fundstrat…

Spencer Dinwiddie to Launch NBA Tokenized Contract Monday

NBA Star Player, Spencer Dinwiddie, Tokenized Contract Launch Date Sets for Monday, January 13, 2020

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets star player is ready to launch his hotly anticipated NBA contract tokenization project on Monday, January 13, 2020. Dinwiddie first came up with the idea when…

Cobinhood Exchange Shuts Down: Platform Locks Users' Funds

Another Crypto Trading Platform Bites The Dust as Cobinhood Exchange Announces Shutdown & Locked Users’ Funds

Cobinhood exchange shuts down – Cryptocurrency trading platforms are shutting down as fast as they’re getting launched these days. We recently reported the crypto trading exchanges market is dominated by…

Apple Lists Crypto-Based, Brave Browser on 'New Apps We Love'

Apple Lists Crypto-Based Browser, Brave on ‘New Apps We Love’ On AppStore

You can support Brave & CryptoZink by downloading the free browser – Also you get free tokens!!! Brave browser is getting a lot of love from the folks at Apple….

China's Search Engine, Baidu Launches Cryptocurrency Xuperchain

China’s Most Popular Search Engine, Baidu Launches Own Cryptocurrency Xuperchain

Cryptocurrency News (Jan. 7, 2020) – China’s  government council is not the only entity in China diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Today, the world’s most popular search engine, Baidu…