How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash – A Complete Guide & Tutorials

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash

Last updated: 8/19/2019

Bitcoins are one of the most sought out forms of cryptocurrency in today’s world. Buyers who are new to this amazing form of cryptocurrency often need guidance to avoid falling prey to fraudsters and criminals.








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Are you looking to buy bitcoins using real cash? Here are a few guidelines and tips that would help you to make safe transactions.

Why Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with Cash / Fiat?

When purchasing bitcoins, cash payments are highly advisable. As a matter of fact, this is one of the safest modes of payment when buying and selling bitcoins.

Still unsure about why you should buy bitcoins using cash? Here’s why you should:

  • Privacy

Most cases of identity theft and internet fraud have been traced to unprotected online transactions. That is, when you make payments online, you are susceptible to identity theft or other forms of internet fraud. However, with cash payments, there is an unprecedented amount of privacy and security. When you make payments with cash, you do not have to provide sensitive personal information to strangers.

Rather, you simply make a payment, get your bitcoins and go on your merry way.

  • Speed

Cash payments are considerably faster than online payments when it comes to bitcoin exchange. When you pay with cash, you do not have to wait for hours for bank verification.

In some cases, it may take weeks before the bank verifies your payment. On the other hand, cash payments are swift and seamless. All it takes is an exchange, and the transaction is complete.

Bitcoin Peer-to-peer Trading

Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading is the most popular type of bitcoin exchange. Here, you can build a trustworthy exchange relationship with a peer, thus creating an avenue for seamless transactions.

With peer-to-peer trading, you can continue to exchange bitcoins even if your government bans bitcoin exchange. In Zimbabwe today, there has been a ban and crackdown on bitcoin exchanges. However, transactions have surged and reached new heights despite the heavy ban imposed by the government.

To ensure fluidity and safety when trading bitcoins, peer-to-peer trading is the advisable mode of exchange.

1. Buying Bitcoins with Cash in Person

You can equally purchase bitcoins using cash payments in person. This means that the exchange will take place face-to-face with no form of anonymity. To pull this off, you will need to locate a trusted seller. If you have friends who sell bitcoin, then you have no problems. However, if you do not, you will need to create a close-knit community of trusted bitcoin sellers. You can do this by attending bitcoin meetings and conferences.

Once you have a trusted seller, you can then purchase bitcoins in person using cash. It is important to note two things when using this mode of exchange:

  • Ensure that the seller is trusted and has an impressive reputation.
  • Always carry sufficient cash with you to avoid being stranded.

Paxful is a trustworthy website where you can engage in in-person bitcoin trading.

Paxful Buyer/Seller Matching

Buying Bitcoin BTC with PayPal Using Paxful How to Tutorials

Paxful is a reputable website known for aiding seamless bitcoin exchange. The process of purchasing bitcoins on Paxful is quite simple and requires only a few steps.

To buy bitcoin with cash on Paxful, you would need to sign up to the website first. Some basic information such as your name and email address are required to create an account.

Once you have successfully signed up, you can then begin the process of purchasing bitcoins. At the top corner of the website, you will find a “Buy bitcoins” link displayed. This link would lead you to the next page where you can buy bitcoins.

Once you have clicked on the link, you will need to input your current location, the number of bitcoins you need and select cash as your preferred mode of payment.

Automatically, you will see a list of available sellers. It is important to note that in some cases, you may not find an available seller at that moment. In this case, you will need to wait until you find a seller or select another mode of payment. Each seller has their varying exchange rates, and this will be displayed alongside the list of available sellers.

It is of the utmost importance that you choose a trustworthy seller. Once you have made your choice, you can then discuss further details and terms in private.

Buy at Paxful

Mycelium Local Trader

Mycelium Wallet Exchange Reviews by CryptoZink

This is another platform to buy bitcoin with cash. Unlike Paxful, the platform never takes control of the seller’s coins. Rather, bitcoins are transferred directly from the seller’s Mycelium wallet to the buyer.

The platform has an algorithm that closely monitors the number of coins in a seller’s wallet. This helps to ensure that the seller actually has the number of coins he/she claims to have and thus, reduces risks of scam.

Buy at MyCelium


LocalBitcoins Exchange Review by CryptoZink

Like Paxful, LocalBitcoins allows you to buy bitcoin with cash from individuals in your local area. You simply signup for a LocalBitcoins account, search for bitcoin sellers in your area, then contact them for a meet up. Be very careful, this can be very dangerous. We recommend you meet in a very public area or even in front of a police station.

Buy at LocalBitcoins

Safety First

When trading bitcoins, it is highly important that you take the necessary security measures to avoid fraud and extortion. For in-person trading, it is best to meet in an open space such as a park or bank lobby.

In the same vein, make transactions with only trusted sellers. In the event that you are buying from a seller for the first time, go along with a friend. You could also pick a meeting area with security cameras or police officers. Always stay safe!

2. Buying Bitcoin with Cash Fiat from a Local Bitcoin ATM (BTM)

BTMs are like traditional fiat ATMs but designed strictly for bitcoins. Ever since their introduction, they have been a convenient platform for bitcoin exchange. With BTMs, you can make cash payments, and in return, the machine will send bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet/address. It’s that simple.

When using a local bitcoin ATM (BTM), it is important to carry along your bitcoin address or wallet because these will be required for the transaction.

3. Purchasing Bitcoin with Cash Deposits by Walking into a Bank

You can walk into a few selected banks and purchase bitcoins using cash deposits. In this mode of the payment, the seller would need to provide his bank details. Once he has done this, you can proceed to make payment at the specified bank.  This mode of payment is very safe and secure.

However, it can be limiting since you can only make payments on weekdays and during banking hours.

4. Buying Bitcoins with Cash by Mailing the Money (not recommended)

Paxful allows BTC buyers to purchase bitcoins by mailing cold cash to sellers using traditional mailing system. However, this payment method comes with a lot of risks attached and as such, is not recommended.

For one, the package may take a long time to reach the seller. I some cases, it may get lost, stolen, or even arrive empty. For security measures, it is advisable to use a registered mail company. This would help to keep track of your envelope.

This payment method is very risky and as such, should only be used when there are no other payment options.

Pros and Cons of Using Paxful to Buy BTC with Cash

As one of the leading bitcoin platforms, Paxful has quite several pros and cons, which include:


  • A wide variety of payment options
  • Instant exchanges without delay


  • One may fall prey to fraudsters
  • Higher exchange rates than other platforms

Where Can I Get Cash for Bitcoin?

Are you a seller looking for ways to earn cash by selling off your bitcoins? Paxful is a good platform for finding buyers and vice-versa. Another good one is LocalBitcoins. You can also use several BTMs within your location. However, if these platforms do not appeal to you, you can use the Mycelium local trader. Mycelium local trader equally offers opportunities for sellers and buyers to trade in bitcoins.


Bitcoin exchange is a very lucrative venture. Today, there are several modes of payment which anyone can use to get bitcoins. However, it is best to apply caution when using any of the available modes of payment to avoid fraud if you decide to buy bitcoin with cash.

So far, the safest mode of payment remains the BTM because it has little to no risks. However, it is still advisable to be cautious when using these machines because there could be criminals lurking around.

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