Venezuelan Burger King Chain Stores Now Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments

Burger King Stores in Venezuela Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency Payment News (Jan. 06, 2020) – In more good news for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Burger King chain stores in Venezuela announced they are now accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for orders.

The well-know fast-food chain now accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in 40 locations across Venezuela. The first Burger King store that started accepting digital payment was Sambil, located in Caracas area.

Burger King partnered with Cryptobuyer, who released the official announcement via Twitter on December 30, 2019. Besides Bitcoin (BTC), the stores will accept altcoins such as  ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), binance coin (BNB), dash (DASH) and tether (USDT).

Burger King Venezuela is not the first to start accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. We wrote BK stores in German begun accepting crypto as payments late last year (September).

Ernesto Contreras, a Dash executive explained Venezuela’s Burger King stores and Cryptobuyer partnership in a Medium post. According to the post, Dash coins will be used initially to cryptocurrencypayments for Burger King’s products.

“Through the Cryptobuyer platform, Burger King restaurants in Venezuela will now accept Dash payments. Cryptobuyer’s point of sale system has been rolled out as a pilot, initially in Burger King Caracas at the Sambil store, as cryptobuyer and Burger King are aiming to serve all 40 locations nationwide in 2020.”

Jorge Farias, CEO of Cryptobuyer applauded South America, specially Venezuela for being in the forefront of cryptocurrency adaptation.

“The growth of Cryptobuyer in South America, especially in Venezuela, is another example of how this region is ahead of the curve in adopting cryptocurrency as a real method of payment.”

Burger King accepting cryptocurrency payments may come as surprise to the crypto community, but not shocking. Both Jorge Farias and Ernesto Contreras are hail from Latin America with Mr. Farias, particularly born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.

Burger King has not yet make any announcement official to the claim. Calls made to BK’s public relation office went unanswered.

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