Burger King Now Accepts Bitcoin for Online Fast Food Orders in Germany

Burger King Now Accepts Bitcoin for Online Fast Food Orders in Germany

The good news for Bitcoin and crypto are coming in trove. More companies begin to accept Bitcoin as payment. The American fast food restaurants chain Burger King now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method for online orders in Germany. Orders using BTC can be made via Burger King’s website or mobile application.

Although the news that Burger King accepts Bitcoin appears on the company’s German website, it is unclear if the popular fast food chain will accept BTC in all of its 600 locations across the country.

Burger King Bitcoin Payment Options in Germany
Payment options on the Bklieferservice.de homepage

Burger King accepting Bitcoin is nothing new. The company’s division in Russia announced in the summer of 2017 BK was accepting certain cryptocurrencies; including Bitcoin as payment for foods. In addition, BK introduced a token named Whoppercoin. That same year Burger King begun accepting bitcoin in The Netherlands’ tourist city, Arnhem.

Burger King, launched in 1954 with its headquarters in Miami, Florida has 13,000 locations, serves 11 million customers per day, with $1.7 billion in yearly revenue.

Your thoughts on Burger King accepting bitcoin as payment method for fast foods?

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