BREAKING NEWS: Self-proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright Losing Lawsuit

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright Losing Lawsuit

The long and dramatic court battle between self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright and computer scientist David Kleiman has entered a new phase. I seems like the presiding Judge Bruce Reinhart is going to rule in David Keiman’s favor.

According to a person who attended the hearing today (August 26, 2019), Wright’s testimony was rejected by Reinhart. The judge cites Wright’s previous documents submitted to the court as reasons for the rejection.

Reinhart stated that Wright intentionally provided falsified documents to the court. As a result, he ordered Mr. Wright to turn over to Mr. Keiman 50% of the bitcoin their mined together. In addition, Wright must turn over all intellectual property rights associated with Bitcoin’s (BTC) software.

The lawsuit was filed against Craig Wright in February 2018 after accusing the self-proclaimed bitcoin creator of theft. The filing papers claimed Mr. Wright stole hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin from him (currently valued at $5 billion), in April 2013 after Kleiman died.

This story is currently developing. We will update wit more details as they come in. 

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