Blockchain Skills are Most Popular & In High Demand on, Linkedin, According to Data

Blockchain Skills Are Most Popular on Linkedin, According to Data

Blockchain skills are the most sought after job expertise on Linkedin in year 2020. Blog Talent writer, Bruce Anderson states that blockchain jobs tops the firm’s global list for the first time this year.

According to the newly released list, hard skills such as blockchain, user experience (UX), artificial intelligence (AI) are high demain skills. Cloud computing also made it to the top.

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However, not all of the “on-demand” blockchain kills are technical. Soft skills like analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, persuasion, creativity, ability to adapt, and collaboration also made the Linkedin list.

About month ago, Linkdin’s Senior Financial Services Editor, Devin Banerjee said the majority of blockchain-based jobs, hires, and demand were for developers with specific blockchain skills.

Blockchain Developers Linkedin Jobs Demand and Bitcoin's Price Correlation

Was January’s bitcoin price surge responsible for the high demand for blockchain developers?

Popular employment website, Indeed released a research paper in the last month of 2019. The results state that “share of bitcoin, crypto and blockchain” job listings increased tremendously in Sept. 2019 comparing to previous year.

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