Blockchain Jobs Passes All Other Tech Roles As Highest-Paying Salaries in UK

Blockchain Jobs Passes All Other Tech As Highest-Paying Salaries

Blockchain jobs are now the hottest roles in the United Kingdom (UK), according to newly released studies. Blockchain technology companies are offering the highest paid roles among emerging tech firms in the UK.

Salaries paid annually for blockchain jobs average a whooping  £75,000 pound sterling ($93,041 United States Dollars) annually. That’s compare to £47,348 ($58,739 USD) for other technology-related jobs.

Blockchain jobs availability in the UK

The report compiled and published by business credit card and digital lender firm, Capital on Tap. The figures for Blockchain technology jobs currently stand at 544 active listings throughout the UK.

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Industries are clinging to disruptive tech due to the fact that it’s quickly becoming a real force in the sector, claimed the report. Blockchain, 3D printing and virtual reality are listed as disruptive or emerging technologies.

World leader in blockchain-related roles

The report concluded that the United States remains the leader in Blockchain jobs, as well as in other disruptive technology-related hiring. US ranks #1, followed by United Kingdom (UK), with India taking third place.

“Disruptive technology significantly changes the way we operate in both our professional and personal lives. It removes old habits and systems and replaces them with something superior in accuracy, efficiency and experience. Disruptive technologies also provide a great opportunity for businesses. [It allows them to] create an entirely new way of doing something that has never been seen before thanks to this technology.”

Canada blockchain salaries surge, while China regresses

A similar research published by Sina Finance in March revealed that China experienced a 37% reduction in Blockchain salaries in 2019.

Meanwhile, research by Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce disclosed that wages for emerging tech salaries, including Blockchain, in Canada surged to highest level the country ever seen.

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