bitFlyer, Japan’s Largest Crypto Exchange to List Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

bitFlyer, Japan's Largest Crypto Exchange Listing Basic Attention Tokens

bitFlyer, Japan’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange announced the listing of Brave Browser’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). In addition to been a well admired trading platform in Japan, BitFlyer is widely used and favored globally.

From a press release published on April 9, bitFlyer crypto exchange Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Yoshio Hirako said Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) trading will start shortly.

bitFlyer new coin listings

Last time bitFlyer listed a new coin on the exchange was December 2019 when it added trading supports for Ripple’s XRP. Not long ago the The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) approved XRP for trading.

Brave, Privacy-Based, Crypto-Powered Browser Gets 1M New User Downloads

In addition to becoming available for trading in Japane’s bitFlyer crypto exchange, XRP was also listed on GMO coin; another FSA-approved platform.

Brave Browser & Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) benefiting from #Coronavirus pandemic

Both Brave browser and Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) have benefited from the #Coronavirus pandemic. Although no researches conducted so far, the growth could be attributed to sheltering-in-place policies by states.

Brave browser, marketing itself as the privacy-based version of Google Chrome experienced a serious spike in the number of downloads in the month of March and April. Brave’s users based doubled between 2018 to 2019.

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Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), Brave’s token project is almost as popular as the browser itself. During the initial coin offering campaign in 2017, $35 million BATs were sold to investors and contributors. Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) is also listed on GMO coin; a Japanese-based crypto exchange.

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