Bitcoins in Wallet Since 2009 That Just Got Moved Exposed Craig Wright, Once Again

Bitcoins in Wallet Since 2009 That Just Got Moved Exposed Craig Wright

Craig Wright‘s claim to Bitcoin is about to get super interesting. We reported earlier that 50 Bitcoins have been moved from a wallet that was generated in 2009. The BTCs were transferred to the wallet in the same period. The Bitcoins have sat idle in the wallet, until yesterday.

What’s the implication for Craig Wright?

Well, the event further prove Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto like he claimed. That’s unless Wright can show he made the transfers. He can easily prove that sharing the Bitcoin transactions keys publicly.

The Kleiman v. Wright trial, set to begin July 6, 2020, in Florida, will aim to answer whether Craig Wright is indeed the real inventor of bitcoin.

The estate of Dave Steven Kleiman, a now deceased computer scientist who mined bitcoin with Wright filed in Southern District of Florida courts against him in February 2018.

Did Mr. Wright move those bitcoins?

Wright has claimed absolute rights over the entire BTC stashed. The former colleagues minted Bitcoin together in the early stage of the first crypto’s development.

The Australian computer scientist proclaimed his innocence when asked his involvement in the 50 Bitcoins transferred to two wallet addresses.

Satoshi Nakamoto 50 Bitcoin Transactions
Blockstream Explorer.

The transactions, a 40/10 split mimicked the exact same ones occurred 11 years ago when Satoshi sent 10 BTCs to the late Hal Finney.

July 6 will afford Wright the opportunity to once more prove he’s Satoshi and the real developer behind the world changing digital currency.

Maybe he’s reserving that evidence for the courts and will prove his critics wrong and put the search for the real Satoshi Nakamoto to rest.

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