Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, Did Craig Wright Prove His Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, What's Really Going On with BSV?

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Did he finally prove it? Why is Bitcoin SV price, Wright’s sponsored project, pumping? BSV up 95% in less than 24 hours…what’s going on with the crypto market? Is the Bitcoin SV pump an exit scam?

Those are some of the questions the crypto community is asking. We’re going to do our best to answer each one.

Craig Wright the real Satoshi?

There is no concrete evidence yet Craig Wright is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. However, he hinted at proving it in the coming days with a cryptic Twitter message. We can only assume Wright alleged ‘in hand’ evidence is one of the reasons Bitcoin SV (BSV) price is pumping near 100%.

The keys Wright is referring to we covered on an article a few weeks ago. You can read it to get more details, but let me give you a quick overview.

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There are bitcoin keys sitting on a trust called “Tulip Trust.” The trust apparently in possession of 1 million bitcoins belong to the first cryptocurrency coin inventor.

Since Wright claimed his Bitcoin’s original inventor, he’s been ordered, by the courts, to show he’s in possession of the keys.

Has Craig Wright proven he’s the ‘real’ Satoshi Nakamoto?

At the time of this writing, no. After missing many deadlines, a judge, on January 14 extended Wright an extra 20 Days to come up with the Bitcoin keys or else.

However, those closer to Wright claimed he recently took control of the keys; in essence, the 1 million BTCs.

Why is Bitcoin SV price pumping?

Bitcoin SV (BSV)’s price could be surging for a number of reasons, but it would be foolish to ignore the “Craig Wright factor.”

However, there are other events factored into BSV’s 95% 24-hour pump. For instance, the Iran-US conflict, the Hash Ribbons signal, upcoming presidential elections, United States Senate’s Trump impeachment trial. And that just to name a few.

Finally, we have the ‘exit scam’ claim. Many in the crypto community believe Wright, who backed Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Bitcoin folk, over BTC and his partners are secretly involved in a big exit scam.

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The believe Wright is simply blowing smokes by claiming he’s in possession of the Bitcoin keys. By doing so, they believe, FOMO will set in and people will buy Bitcoin SV in cluster.

If that was the case, Wright has succeeded. Bitcoin SV’s price moon 95% in less than 24 hours.

What’s next for BTC, Bitcoin SV and Craig Wright?

Only time will tell. If Mr. Wright does not present the Bitcoin keys soon, which are the only acceptable evidences, we’re going to have to have for 20 more days.

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