Bitcoin Price Pumps 10%, Trading at $7.7K as Key Resistance Breaks

Bitcoin Price Pumps To 10%, Trading at $7.7K as Key Resistance Breaks

Bitcoin price pumps 10% today (April 23, 2020), trading at $7,700. Overall, the crypto market also benefited from BTC’s flash surge. The top 10 coins are up 5% overage, with TEZOS leading at 9.32%. The top gainer, EOSDAC is up 198.86%.

Bitcoin price pumps $700 within hours

Breaking key resistance, the new BTC surged is being labeled as a bull run by crypto investors and enthusiasts.

Bitcoin topped $7,760 trading price, then temporarily reversed to $7,520.  It’s currently trading up 5.19% at $7,527.00, according to CryptoZink’s live price tracker.

Bitcoin Today Price Surge

Although the surge caught crypto market by surprise, part of it can be attributed to the new $484 Billion stimulus package; passed by the Senate, Congress and waiting a signature from president Donald Trump.

Despite, traders and analysts are laser focus on May’s Bitcoin block reward halving, when BTC’s supply entering into circulation will drop 50%.

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