Bitcoin Buy Signal Posted By Hash Ribbons Indicator – a BTC Winter on the Horizon?

Bitcoin Buy Signal Posted By Hash Ribbons Indicator - BTC Winter Near?

Bitcoin buy signal (Jan. 4, 2020) – Bravo! Bank of American recently named Bitcoin the best and most profitable investment of pass decade. Individuals who dove into the word of Bitcoin between 2009 to 2016 experienced unimaginable gain.

In fact, bitcoin produced a 9,000,000% return for its investors in less than a decade. Bitcoin Hash Ribbons, an oscillator or metric based on BTC miners just confirmed a Bitcoin buy signal.

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Hash Ribbons is one the most lucrative bitcoin signals indicator in the short history of the first cryptocurrency coin. Bitcoin has historically jumped 5,000% on average every time Hash Ribbons released a Bitcoin buy signal. Is there a Bitcoin bull run on the horizon?

It’s not easy to determine ‘buy time’ for any asset. It’s even harder to do for crypto assets such as Bitcoin. One needs to understand how to read patterns, analyze price charts, and a host of other metrics.

How a BTC buy signal is determined

Bitcoin was not created by a company or monitored by an institution like stocks. There are no shares or revenue models to use in order to determine values.

Stocks have Wall Street, Bitcoin & cryptocurrency have…well, not much. Bitcoin is what it is, a unique and often misunderstood asset. it’s in a class of its own.

Financial and crypto analysts often rely on tools like network transactions, mining records and difficulty, Bitcoin hash rate, power consumption and others.

We can only assume these metrics were used by Hash Ribbons scientists to arrive at this bitcoin buy signal, issued just a few days ago.

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According to Hash Ribbons, the best time to buy bitcoin is right now. HB does not send BTC buy signals just for the sake of sending signals.

They have only done this 10 times since the release of the first cryptocurrency coin. All but one of the signals have produced for investors 5,000% return on average.

Hash Ribbons‘ last Bitcoin bitcoin buy signal resulted in 350% returns for those who brought. It was trading around $3,000 per coin at the time. BTC’s price has been sporadic ever since.

With the new signal, the first crypto asset may follow previous price performance or even shatter all previous records.

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