A Beginner’s Guide to Top / Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Last updated: 01/22/2020

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS Review for Smartphones | CryptoZink

Since bitcoins has become basically the order of the day, it is essential to have a bitcoin wallet if you own cryptocurrencies. Most people have the struggle to find the right bitcoin wallet.

Since Bitcoin wallets are device-based, iOS users might find it difficult to find a suitable bitcoin wallet. That’s the reason behind this article; to highlight the popular bitcoin wallets that can be used on iOS devices.

What Are Bitcoin iOS Wallets?

Bitcoin iOS wallets are bitcoin wallets developed for iOS devices like iPhone, iPads, and the Apple laptops. Also, they are supported by all the versions of IOS.
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Let’s go through some of the best bitcoin iOS wallets, shall we?

1. Ledger Nano x

Apple app store rating: 4.1

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS Smartphones | Nano Ledger X

Ledger Nano x is the latest hardware wallet from the stables of Ledger. Unlike other wallets, the Ledger Nano x has increased in capability for the coins that can be stored on it and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • It is compatible with mobile devices
  • It has a competitive price point
  • It is familiar and definitely secure
  • Easy to install


  • It is more expensive than the previous hardware wallet
  • Paired application is required
  • A little bit confusing user interface

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2. Edge

Apple app store rating: 4.4

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS Smartphones | Edge Crypto

This is a beginner-friendly decentralized mobile wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, provides adequate security and full financial autonomy to its users.

Edge was developed to solve some of the problem previous bitcoin wallets were faced with and at the same time adding new features like ease of use, privacy, and security.


  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It can store about 12 popular cryptocurrencies
  • It offers cryptocurrency purchases and exchanges in-app
  • It is an open-source platform
  • Uses strong security features like two-factor authentication


  • It lacks a web interface

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3. Abra

Apple app store rating: 4.6

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS Smartphones | Abra

This is one of the leading bitcoin wallets. It not only allows its user to invest in cryptocurrencies but also enables them to invest in traditional assets like ETFs and stocks. It is also mobile compatible. Abra allows its users to send money easily and its now all in one service that allows for investing and transferring of funds.

It incorporates about 30 cryptocurrencies and other fit currencies. It is available in a wide range of countries as well as compatible with iOS and Android operating system.


  • It allows the conversion of crypto and fiat conversion
  • Serves as both wallet and all in one exchange
  • Allows for money transfer
  • Help to guard against cryptocurrency falls


  • Rates of in-app purchases are very high
  • Depending on the currency being used, the rate varies
  • For every deposition and withdrawal of funds, verification is required

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4. Green wallet (aka GreenAddress)

Apple app store rating: 4.3

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS Smartphones | Green Address Wallet

This is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to store, send, and receive their bitcoins. Also, it serves as both a desktop application and mobile application.

The green wallet is one the first set of bitcoin wallet that happens to still serve only bitcoins. It has a few arrays of features like multi signatories, backup through paper wallet, spending limit, etc.


  • It offers robust and reliable safety features
  • It is open source
  • It is a multi-signature wallet
  • It supports both desktop and mobile environment
  • It has a permanent payment address


  • It is not ideal for beginners
  • Set up takes a lot of time
  • It only supports bitcoin
  • It is not very intuitive

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Digital mobile wallets have created the opportunity for the easy transaction of cryptocurrency; not only are the transactions being made easy, but there are also a variety of features are offered by these wallets to users.

These top /best Bitcoin wallets offer advanced security measures and other additional features. Due to these different features, it might not be easy to choose a specific bitcoin iOS wallet. However, it is recommended not to store a large number of bitcoins in a single wallet.

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