A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Android Wallets

Last updated: 9/25/2019

Storing your bitcoin in a safe place where you can transact from is similar to storing your currency in the bank. You will want to get the best possible bank chiefly for security reasons, among others.

Introduction To Bitcoin Wallets

Top / Best Bitcoin Android Wallets

The wallets used for the storage and security of bitcoin are software programs designed and managed for your perusal. Your bitcoins are not just stored anywhere as there is a provided private key for your bitcoin address. Here, your bitcoin wallet saves your bitcoin, and you can view your balance through this medium.

What Is A Bitcoin Android Wallet?

There are different devices on which you can store your bitcoin cryptocurrency. Included in these platforms is the android platform. On these android platforms, the Bitcoin android wallet is created. The bitcoin android wallets are applications that facilitate the storage and transaction of your bitcoin from your android device.

Through the android based bitcoin wallet, you can perform quick and easy transactions from your android mobile devices. This creates a convenient environment for you to carry out your transaction from anywhere around the world. The android mobile devices are capable of connecting to the internet and hence facilitating the constant pathway for the intended transactions to happen.

Depending on the reason for you owning bitcoins, the android based bitcoin / cryptocurrency wallets are useful for both storage and transaction of your bitcoin. There are numerous android based bitcoin wallets for you to choose from. You should, in your own best interest, investigate which is more reliable for the storage and security of your bitcoins.

Top / Best Bitcoin Android Wallets Reviews

There is numerous bitcoin wallet based on the android platform. It is worthy to note that extra steps for security are very important when setting up your android bitcoin wallets. This is because your mobile phone might get stolen. For the security of your bitcoin, it is important to add an extra layer of verification.






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Ledger Nano X

Type: Hard wallet

 GooglePlay store rating


Type: Mobile wallet

GooglePlay store rating


Type: Mobile wallet

GooglePlay store rating


Type: Mobile wallet

GooglePlay store rating

Here are some of the best bitcoin android wallets:

1. Ledger Nano X

Google Play store rating: 3.7

Ledger Nano X Wallet

This is the latest software product from the security company, Ledger. Although this platform is not a mobile wallet, the ledger nano X can be accessed through an android mobile application. With the Ledger Nano X users can manage and access their bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets from their Android smartphone, tablets and other Android based devices.

Get Nano Ledger X

2. Coinomi

Google Play store rating: 4.6

Coinomi Wallet

This is a well-known cryptocurrency wallet that provides transaction capabilities through the application. This platform boasts of its security and privacy driven policy. Due to its fast installment and setup, this android-based application is a well-known wallet for its numerous supported coins.

Get Coinomi Wallet

3. Abra

Google Play store rating: 4.1

Abra Wallet

This is one of the mobile-based applications that allow you transact bitcoin for fiat. It not only allows you to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it also allows you transact. It provides a pleasant interface for seamless use.

Get Abra Wallet

4. Edge

Google Play store rating: 4.1

Edge Wallet

This is a multi-coin open-source bitcoin wallet. It offers a list of transactions that accept bitcoin. The wallet is useful for storage and transaction using your bitcoin or other stored cryptocurrencies.

Get Edge Wallet

Pros & Cons For Each Android Wallet

1. Ledger Nano X

Pros: Increase in security and supports over 1000 assets.

Cons: It requires extra hardware, and it is quite costly.

2. Coinomi

Pros: Security and privacy-focused, easy to use and install, supports numerous assets and coins

Cons: Not open-sourced.

3. Abra

Pros: Boasts of its credit card integration and investment option.

Cons: it requires your email and phone number for registration, more of a trading platform than a storage wallet.

4. Edge

Pros: supports multi coins, user-friendly and open source

Cons: None


It is important to note that not all application on the play store is verified. Due to some malicious activities, there might be android-based wallets created to steal your crypto assets. Be sure to investigate which is what and go for the verified ones that suits your needs. We highly recommend you use a hardware based wallet like Ledger Nano X to be sure your coins are 100% secure. It put you fully in control.

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