Hive, Steem's Recent Hard Fork Hits With Cease and Desist Letter

Hive, Steem’s Hard Fork Hits With Cease and Desist Request From Crypto Mining Company with Same Name

Hive, the recent hard fork from the disgruntled Steem members is already facing legal issues. This comes only four days after the successful transition. As reported by CryptoZink, the Steem…

Akon City - Crypto-Backed Project Based in Africa Has a Whitepaper

Akon City – The Crypto-Backed Project Based in Dakar, Senegal (Africa) Released First Whitepaper

Akon City News (March 16, 2020) – CryptoZink recently reported that famed singer, Akon secured government license to start working on his cryptocurrency-backed project. Today, we learned that a whitepaper…

IRS Hosting Cryptocurrency Summit: Companiesm Advocates Invited

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Hosting March Cryptocurrency Summit; Companies / Advocates Invited

The United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced their hosting a cryptocurrency summit on March 3, 2020. According to a press release, all crypto companies, advocates and influencers are welcome…

Bitcoin Network Hash Rate Hits New Record Highs in 2020

Bitcoin Network Hash Rate Hits New Record, Network is More Secure Than Ever in 2020

Bitcoin network hash rate news (January 2, 2020) – BTC is poised to break new records in 2020. However, we have no idea the previous all-time highs of the first…

Crypto Reality Check: 90% of Ethereum Wallets Are Out-of-The-Money

Crypto Reality Check: 90% of Ethereum Wallets Are Labeled As “Out-of-The-Money”

Out-of-the-Money Crypto Reality Check – Ethereum (ETH)’s price is trading at a fraction of what it was trading a year ago. The second most popular by market volume, however, is…

Coinbase's CEO Wins Patent for Send Cryptocurrency Via Email Feature

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO Wins Patent to Develop Cryptocurrency Via Email Feature

Would you like to send cryptocurrency via email to your friends, family or to simply pay for something? Well, that feature is on the way, thanks to a patent issued…

Bitcoin Miners A Small Town in China Control 50% Of the BTC's Hash Rate

Mining Report: Tiny City Outside of China’s Capital Controls 54% Of Bitcoin’s Hash Rate

A new report concluded that two-thirds of BTC‘s hash rate is controlled by Bitcoin miners in a single town outside of China’s main capital, Beijing. According to the report by…

China Digital Currency Is Confirmed! Should the United States Worry?

China’s State Backed Digital Currency Is Confirmed, Should the United States Worry?

Should the U.S and the rest of the world worry about the upcoming, high-speed China digital currency? The state-sponsored project was anticipated, but not so soon. How will the U.S….

Ethereum Transaction Fees Soar to $40 as Project Owners Fight for Blocks

Ethereum Transactions Fees Soar to $40 on ETH Network as Project Owners Fight for Blocks

The Ethereum network is so congested right now, traders are reporting paying as much as $40 for Ethereum transaction fees. Project owners are currently fighting and outbidding each other for…

CFTC Chairman Warns Ethereum 2.0 Could be Classified As Security

CFTC Chairman, Heath Tarbert, During Interview, Warned Ethereum 2.0 Proof-of-Stake Could be Classified As Security

The chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Heath Tarbert, warned during an interview that Ethereum 2.0 Proof-of-Stake (POS) could easily be classified as a security. Mr. Tarbert said…