Apple Lists Crypto-Based Browser, Brave on ‘New Apps We Love’ On AppStore

Apple Lists Crypto-Based, Brave Browser on 'New Apps We Love'

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Brave browser is getting a lot of love from the folks at Apple. On January 7, the crypto-based browser was listed on the App Store’s ‘New Apps We Love‘ section.

This is a huge milestone for Brave browser, boosting its fight to stand toe-to-toe with some of the industry’s giants.

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What sets Brave apart from the competition

The founders tries to distinguish the browser by focusing on privacy, speed and usability. But the new Internet browser’s main attraction is its ad-free feature.

We were alerted about Brave’s AppStore feature by a Reddit user who posted it to a group we’re a member of. The crypto-powered browser does not stand alone.

MetaMask, launched by Marco Biancardi is an Ethereum-powered browser interface that advertise itself as one of the best Brave alternatives. MetaMask claims to be truly decentralized because its built-in crypto wallet.

Apple recently sent chills down the spine of the cryptocurrency community when it announced the removal of Coinbase app from the App Store for violating its policy.

The issue has since resolved, and with Brave getting some love from the famed company, we can rest assure the future of crypto-based apps is promising.

Reward programs

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Brave browser released its reward program; named ‘Brave Rewards’ for iOS and Android users on November 2019. The company reported 8.7 million downloads and 3m daily active users in mid-December.

Brave browser rewards users who opted for pop-up ads with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). The reward program is currency in 12 countries throughout the world.

Brave is working on a content platform that will allow publishers to insert ads into their content in exchange for BAT tokens.

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