CryptoZink is a reliable cryptocurrency source that aims to provide digital assets current, prospective users and enthusiasts valuable information in order to make informed decisions. Here you will find real-time market data, fast and reliable news, price charts/index, crypto exchanges, Bitcoin/Crypto calculator, ATM locations and many more…

We have over 2,500 cryptocurrencies listed on CryptoZink with more than 150 cryptocurrency exchanges and over 8,000 virtual currency markets. We also have a ton of educational materials to help you with trading.

CryptoZink Cryptocurrency Real-Time Market Data

Bitcoin Price Index

Being the most widely used and known cryptocurrency in the digital currency market, every single Bitcoin fiat has its own price index. BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/CNY, BTC/GBP, BTC/RUR are tabulated individually.

The other 1,200+ cryptocurrencies (coins) in the market are using the Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH) fiat platforms. Very few have their own fiat market and they ones that do don’t use the same formula.

Cryptocurrency Ranking

All listed cryptocurrencies on CryptoZink are ranked by their 24-hour traded volume. The cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volumes are the most popular during that 24-hour period.

Cryptocurrency Price Charts

A price chart for each cryptocurrency listed can be viewed in the form of 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or the listed digital currency’s entire existence (All).

Cryptocurrency Volume

Volume displays the total number of coins traded in all cryptocurrency exchanges for each listed coin. Volume is refreshed every minute for a 24-hour period.

Coins & Tokens

Coins or tokens numbers are showing based on availability. Minted or mined coins are automatically calculated and added to the total number of available coins or tokens. Those numbers are pulled from the official block explorer statistics.

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization

Crypto market capitalization lists the value of all outstanding coins or tokens or a cryptocurrency. The number is tabulated by simply multiplying the reported coins by present market price of a cryptocurrency.

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