A Crypto Bull Market Is On The Horizon, These Are The Reasons Why!

A Crypto Bull Market Is On The Horizon, These Are The Reasons Why!

Crypto Bull Market News: The cryptocurrency market suffered two major setbacks recently. Two of the most popular crypto hedge funds abruptly exited without explanation. Despite that, the current atmosphere offers institutions and institutional investors the greatest opportunity to enter the space.

While investors runs for the border from traditional markets, as the pandemic wreaking havoc on economies globally, crypto investors loaded with cash profits made in constant crypto market bull runs.

As the stocks suffer double digits lost from trading markets such as Nasdaq and other global markets, Bitcoin and altcoins present under-appreciated opportunities to investors willing to give emerging markets; such as the fast-paced cryptocurrency industry a shot.

The crypto market have seen many bull runs in the past, but industry experts have predicted some totally different bull runs this time around. In the next twelve to eighteen months, two highly profitable crypto market bull runs seem imminent. 

Projected crypto bull market run #1

Between 2017-2019, the crypto market suffered from a mirage of crypto scams. An influx of “instant” and fraudulant projects scammed investors, and those seeking get “rich quick” schemes out of more than $4 billion. That figure is only for 2019.

The majority of those projects, with no real use cases or usage, depended on speculations and huge marketing efforts to make profits. “Pump-and-dump” become a common term for these created-over-night projects. Turned out, the only people who profited were the developers and early investors…everyone else lost, big time.

Some critics use Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), NEO as examples of these projects. All three promised investors immense profits, but yet to deliver; even with skyrocket adoption. The term “crypto tourists” has become popular for investors of these cryptocurrencies.

However, through trial-and-error, investors have become smarter and more careful with where their put their funds. With a substantial reduction in fraudulent projects, the money can now start flowing to projects with substance and long term outlooks.

Billions of small and institutional investors’ dollars are in process of entering the crypto market by the end of 2020. As a result, a colossal crypto market bull run is about to occur.

Bitcoin (BTC) to lead the second crypto bull run

Yours truly, Bitcoin will most definitely spearheads the next crypto market bull run. As more stimulus checks continue to pour in to patch economic disasters created by the global pandemic, BTC’s price will only grow stronger.

However, long term outlook of Bitcoin versus fiat currencies looks stronger than ever. Bitcoin; the mother of all cryptocurrencies, designed for moments like these will begin to show its strength. 

Medio Demarco, Co-Founder – Delphi Digital; an  independent digital currency research firm put it best a year ago when he tweeted that investing in traditional fiat currencies are more risky than crypto.

Moreover, before the end of 2020, we can expect a few billionaire investors like Mark Cuban and possibly Chamath Palihapitiya to invest a lot more in the space. Both expressed strong interest in putting more assets and Bitcoins, blockchain technology and a few selected altcoins. 

The crypto market current trading is valued at $370 billions. Predictors project the market to reach $1 trillion soon. The project DeFi alone has injected $7.3 billion into the market.

Additionally, there is $7b parked in stablecoins, ready to re-enter the market soon. We can only imagine what will happen to Bitcoin (BTC) and the overall crypto market when these resistance break. 

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