TRON TV: You Can Now Earn Free BTT and USDT for Watch Ads

TRON TV: You Can Now Earn Free BitTorrent tokens (BTT) and TRX-USDT Stablecoin for Watching Ads

TRON TV is now live! The Tron Foundation and its founder/CEO Justin Sun just recently made a big announcement concerning the cryptocurrency platform. TRON TV will pay viewers to watch…

Want to Lose Money Quickly? Make These 10 Crypto Trading Mistakes

Want to Lose your Money Quickly? Make These 10 Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes

Top 10 crypto trading mistakes and how to avoid making them as a beginning trader. Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a household term. The Bitcoin symbol is well known throughout the…

A $75K Bitcoin Price is Within Weeks, Says Alternative Investments Analyst Timothy Peterson

A $75K Bitcoin Price Within Weeks? An Alternative Investments Advisor Says, Yes

Timothy Peterson, an alternative investments analyst with Cane Island Alternative Advisors shared, on June 7th, a Bitcoin (BTC)/USD chart that shows will likely reach $75,000 within just a few weeks….

Five Top Tips How To Secure Your Cryptocurrency Wallets

Top Tips How To Secure Your Cryptocurrency Wallets

How to secure your cryptocurrency wallets – when cryptocurrency made an appearance in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper with the title-Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The white…

Where is The Stolen Bitcoins From Mt Gox Exchange Hack?

Here’s What Happened To The 80,000 Bitcoins Worth $800 Millions Stolen From Mt. Gox Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Those of you who have been around since Bitcoin‘s inception know very well the story of Mt Gox. If you’re new or have been a crypto fan for a while…

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction for Year 2020

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Billionaire Investor Tim Draper Says a $250,000 Priced BTC is ‘Conservative’

Tim Draper, the famed billionaire investor WOW the crypto market with some new Bitcoin price predictions. Mr Draper claims that a $250,000 Bitcoin price is very conservative. He predicts Bitcoin…

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Hit Hard by New Tax Laws

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Getting Hammered by the Country’s New Tax Laws

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchanges News (Feb. 18, 2020) – Some countries have taken a laissez-faire approach toward cryptocurrency, while others outright banned virtual currencies like Bitcoin and altcoins. Since inception, Latin…

Tezos Coin Price Skyrocked as XTZ Enters Top 10 by Market Cap

Tezos Coin (XTZ) Price Skyrocked as the Privacy Token Enters Top 10 in Market Cap

Tezos coin price has been experiencing a steep surge over the past few days. The privacy coin price has skyrocketed, currently trading at $1.79 at the time of this writing….

Burger King Stores in Venezuela Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Venezuelan Burger King Chain Stores Now Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency Payment News (Jan. 06, 2020) – In more good news for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Burger King chain stores in Venezuela announced they are now accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments…

Five (5) Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before Bitcoin Reward Halving

Five (5) Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before The Upcoming Bitcoin Reward Halving

Bitcoin Reward Halving – What Is It? Considered one of the most important events in the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin reward halving is the process by which the incentives available…