Does the Recent Growth of Altcoins Indicate Independence From Bitcoin

Does the Recent Growth of Altcoins Indicate Their Independence From Bitcoin

Altcoins have been on the rise compared to Bitcoin lately. So, does this mean that they are becoming more price-independent from the world’s number 1 cryptocurrency? The market dominance of…

Bitcoin Rally - GBTC Institutional Price Charts Signal It's BTC Buying Time

The Rally is Coming? Bitcoin Institutional Price Charts Signal It’s BTC Buying Time

Bitcoin Rally – Is it BTC Buying Time? The price of  Bitcoin has been in falling steadily after a surge that saw the crypto asset price jumped from $7,300 to…

Bitcoin Price Is About to Explode According to Max Keiser

Bitcoin Price is About to Explode – Says Max Keiser

Monday, August 26 – Bitcoin (BTC) price briefly reached a little over $10,500 today. The first and largest cryptocurrency has been very bullish throughout the week. Is margin traders responsible…

Ethereum Overtakes XRP for Second Spot As Bitcoin Leads Recovery

Ethereum Dethroned Ripple’s XRP Second Spot in Market Capitalization As Bitcoin Leads Recovery

Ethereum overtakes XRP – The crypto bloodbath seems to be over; at least for now. Altcoins are seeing green for the first time this week with Bitcoin leading the way….

China's Search Engine, Baidu Launches Cryptocurrency Xuperchain

China’s Most Popular Search Engine, Baidu Launches Own Cryptocurrency Xuperchain

Cryptocurrency News (Jan. 7, 2020) – China’s  government council is not the only entity in China diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Today, the world’s most popular search engine, Baidu…

IRS Hosting Cryptocurrency Summit: Companiesm Advocates Invited

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Hosting March Cryptocurrency Summit; Companies / Advocates Invited

The United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced their hosting a cryptocurrency summit on March 3, 2020. According to a press release, all crypto companies, advocates and influencers are welcome…

Bitcoin Brings More Revenue for Cash App Than Fiat in Q1, 2020

Bitcoin Generated More Revenue for Square’s Cash App Than Fiat in Q1, 2020

Square’s Cash App is now profitable, thanks to Bitcoin. According to the fintech company’s reported earnings for first quarter (Q1) of 2020, Bitcoin brings in an uneven amount of money…

Justin Sun, TRON CEO Teases New Company Acquisitions

Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO Teases New Company Acquisition, What In The Bag, Justin?

Justin Sun, the eccentric CEO and founder of TRON, today teased the cryptocurrency market a new acquisition the company has in the work. Mr. Sun gave no details of the…

Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, What's Really Going On with BSV?

Bitcoin SV Price Pumps 95%, Did Craig Wright Prove His Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is Craig Wright the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Did he finally prove it? Why is Bitcoin SV price, Wright’s sponsored project, pumping? BSV up 95% in less than 24 hours…what’s going…

What is Crypto Coins Staking, Benefits & Why You Should Stake

What is Crypto Coins Staking, How Does It Work, Benefits & Why You Should Stake

Summary Nothing has been projected to have a bigger impact in the world since the Internet than cryptocurrency. Yeah, remember the Internet? If you’re old enough, you may have missed…