BREAKING NEWS: 5.4 Billion Fake Accounts Taken Down by Facebook in 2019, According to Mark Zuckerberg’s Transparency Report

5.4 Billion Fake Facebook Accounts Taken Down by the Company in 2019

Washington DC (CZ Modern Tech) – with 2020 just a couple of months away, Facebook; the world’s largest and most used peer-to-peer social media website has made an announcement. FB has revealed it already shut down 5.4 billion fake accounts from the platform in 2019. That’s almost double the 3.3 billion fake profiles it removed in 2018.

With presidential election approaching, this is not really surprising. Facebook fake accounts mounted a vigorous campaign in favor of Donald Trump in 2016 that eventually led to him winning the presidency.

Aside from actors using the social network site for political gains, there are also those marketing bots creating face profiles by the millions.

How many fake profiles/accounts on Facebook?

Facebook itself reported that more than 5% of of the 2.5 billion profiles are fake. The company said it has created advanced technology to combat fake profiles, but no tech is perfect.

It is impossible to employ humans to catch and ban these face profiles. FB will need 100s of thousands of full-time workers monitor the large number of accounts created on the platform on a daily basis.

How Many Fake Profiles and Accounts Facebook Has?

The disclosure is part of Facebook’s pledge to be more transparent with the public. It also highlights the challenges FB face in combating violent and misleading content on the social media platform.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and current CEO of Facebook, on Wednesday discussed the report with reporters. He called on other platforms to disclose as well. He touches on the seriousness of the company to address the issue.

“Because our numbers are high doesn’t mean there’s that much more harmful content. It just means we’re working harder to identify this content and that’s why it’s higher,” Zuckerberg said.

Between the months of July and September, Facebook removed nearly 7 million hate speech contents from the platform. That’s nearly 60% increase from April to June.

The company reported that 80% of the 7 million pieces of hate speech content was detected and removed before it reaches the public.

Mr. Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO goes to Washington

United State’s House of Representatives, as well as the European Union have dragged mr Zuckerberg to Washington and Parliament a number of times over the pass couple of years.

Recently, Zuckerberg grilled by members of congress on the state of Facebook face content policies and the company’s upcoming blockchain project; Libra stable coin.

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