10 Best Stocks to Invest In the Post Coronavirus (COVID-19) Economy

The deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has so far created unparalleled interference in the way business is conducted and investors invest. Much of the humankind’s economic activity stopped since the outbreak of the virus. However, the slowdown of the virus has seen Wall Street getting more optimistic about reopening. Analysts have predicted that when Wall Street reopens, there are stocks that are promising to give good returns to investors in the post-COVID economy.

1. Walmart stocks

Walmart Stocks Price

The growth of e-commerce has been on the upward trend since the breakout of this pandemic. Walmart is certainly one of the companies that’s been well-positioned to bankroll on the burgeon e-commerce economy. Many people have turned to online shopping, boosting Walmart’s grocery shopping section during this coronavirus period. As of mid-2020, the stock had risen to almost 9 percent. It’s expected to continue growing going to the next years as people adapt to a new shopping lifestyle.

During the pandemic, consumers prioritized the grocery items over the non-food products. Walmart has made efforts to adapt the changes to better support its staff throughout the crisis. Which is making it more appealing to people who consider them more ethical in the business environment. As such, its consumers and stakeholders will continue to remember its good deeds in the long term.

2. Salesforce

Saleforce Stocks Price

This is another company that is projected to give good returns to investors. Salesforce is becoming a great stock for post-COVID investors. Mainly because of its broad suite of cloud-based corporate solutions. Some of these solutions, such as M&A, have given the company the ability to outperform going into recession. Salesforce’s Service Cloud and MuleSoft certainty built to outlast long and short-term recessions. They’re certainly ready for the upcoming post-recession. For the most part, the two services offer unique ways of simplifying & accelerate digital transformations in the enterprise.

During the lockdown, most people relied on online businesses to either sell or buy. This gives a lot of power to companies that have invested in digital services. The design of MuleSoft, for instance, enables large-scale businesses to extract legacy information. That’s done through legacy applications and share the data with modernized cloud applications. The data is an essential part of online companies intending to target their marketing initiatives.

3. Wendy’s

Wendys Stocks Price

The fast-food company continues its stellar growth since the outbreak of Coronavirus. Wendy’s comprehensive digital platform has became extremely popular over the lockdown period. It began to build a loyalty program before the crisis and is certain to benefit from incremental growth into 2021. Specially following its launch of a new breakfast day in the first quarter of this year.

This has seen Wendy’s generating the majority of its sales outside the dining room. Currently, Wendy’s viewed as one of the most crave-able brands in fast-food, which is projected to increase the demand for its stocks in the coming years.

4. Match Group

Match Group Stocks Price

There is no doubt the online dating has suddenly skyrocketed over the past few years and intensified with the outbreak of coronavirus. More people are now meeting and dating online like never before. The trend will even increase further, according to recent projections. Match Group, which was formerly part of IAC early this year, has continued to grow throughout this summer because many people were not able to hack physical meetings.

Match Group, the world’s leader in online dating, has been on Wall Street for the last five years. It has become so popular with investors that most investment experts see it as the stock of the future. Partly because of the increasing trend in online dating.

Since its debut in Wall Street, Match Group has seen its revenue and operating income grow at 20% and 28% respectively through its many apps. Those include Tinder, Hinge, Pairs, BLK, and Chispa. Its positive growth sees in its under-penetrated dating market, average revenue per user, scalability, and impressive board of management.

5. Peloton Interactive

Peloton Interactive Stocks Price

Home-based fitness is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. During the shutdown & enormous employees furlough, demand for Peloton products skyrocket. A company that sells low price at-home fitness content, equipment and digital application. Peloton’s stock is one to watch going into 2021. Some of Peloton’s strengths are its strong retention characteristics, minimal churn, and highly engaged users.

As demands of fitness products continue to grow due to stay-at-home moms, Peloton has created ways of leveraging its premium products to increase its exposure and market share. More consumers mean more revenue and rising company value, which is what investors look for in a company.

6. Spotify and the rise of online music streaming

Spotify Technology Stocks Price

Over the last few years, online music consumers have shifted to digital audio music consumption. Spotify, as the leading audio music services provider, projects to continue with its stellar growth in the coming years. Digital music streaming will continue to grow as more awareness emerged and bandwidth speeds keep improving.

Spotify has captured the market of online music streaming with its hybrid subscription and ad-supported business model. It enables it to thrive even in emerging markets where advertising is more challenging. Anyone interested in a stock that’s projected to give them good returns in the coming years should look at Spotify.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest Stocks Price

There is no doubt in the growth and increasing popularity of Pinterest due to the rise of social commerce. Pinterest has seen positive growth over the last few years, even though it may not be as visible as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Unique aspect of Pinterest is the community, which is more inclusive and focused on sharing hobbies and passion.

The monthly average users of Pinterest has been on the rise every year, and the recent pandemic has even made it more popular with an impressive 416 million active users. The growth in user is yet to translate into equivalent revenue. However, experts project that it is just a matter of time before it hits higher revenue growth due to the increasing popularity of social commerce.

8. Roku stocks

Roku Stocks Price

The increasing streaming of TV programs has seen Roku grow into one of the most popular companies over the recent past. While cable and satellite TV companies are struggling with diminishing subscribers. Meanwhile, Roku has emerged as the leader in the service-agnostic platform with its all-in-one place to select and enjoy TV content.

Many publishers are developing interest in Ruku’s Connected TV ads, which are known to offer the best in terms of targeting and engagement. With the programmatic advertising projected to grow over the next years, Roku market positioning makes it an ideal stock to think about.

9. Microsoft stocks

Microsoft Corporation Stocks

Microsoft has been in the scene for over two decades, and it remains among the strong candidates whose stocks projected to grow. The company’s high breed compute (Azure + Server), productivity, and security offerings are providing it with a sure upward trend as far as stock value concerns.

Experts predict Azure to become the largest source of the revenue stream for Microsoft. The company also enjoys a whopping $140 billion of gross cash. Management is likely to use to increase its share repurchase activity and explore potential acquisitions.

10. Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health Stocks

If there is an industry that has enjoyed close attention from the public due to its close link with the pandemic, then it is the healthcare industry. While medical services overwhelmed at the peak of the pandemic, many people who suffered other regular ailments resorted to telemedicine. With the medical staff overwhelmed, and the available ones were not able to attend to patients except on emergency cases, the systems crumbled.

Teladoc Health has become a leading telemedicine company, positioning itself to provide medical services to its growing number of clients. As at the time of writing this article, Teladoc had over 52 million paid members, 2.8 million virtual doctor visits, and 55, 000 physicians in the United States alone.

The company expects to grow with its simple and convenient telehealth services, hence buying its stock is a promising investment for those who want to grow their stocks in the telemedicine market, and of course return on investments.

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